Charlie the wandering duck

3 Dec 2007

summer roses 2

We have all fallen in love with Charlie. What an absolute sweet heart. He/she has spent the day puddling around the garden followed closely by Shackleton and sometimes Poppy as well.


We almost had another poultry disaster though as Charlie unexpectedly escaped from his/her little enclosure. After being thoroughly loved by Kate and Andy before they went to school Charlie was very carefully put back into the temporary enclosure. I went inside to have my breakfast and then decided to have my coffee with the duckling. When I got to the pen it was empty with no obvious means of escape and Charlie had scarpered.

Kate and Charlie

There was a broken wire near the base of the wall and he/she had managed to push through and run to freedom. The garden fence seemed escape proof and Louis and I put an old shed door across the drive way to block that escape path. I was fairly sure Charlie was in the garden some where. I hoped and prayed that the escapee would turn up before Kate came home from school.

Rhubarb forest

I checked many times through the morning and then again after lunch . I went down to the chook yard and there he/she was. Charlie was perfectly content and unperturbed by the cats and dog so I let him/her be. Later in the afternoon, close to tea time I found Charlie under the wood pile, very happy and very wet. I'm not sure if he/she had been swimming in the pond or playing under the sprinkler. I popped Charlie in with the chooks where he/she waddled into the corner of the hen house, snuggled up and went straight to sleep.
Enough adventure for one day , I think.


Andy is off on an aquatics camp with school this week, so while we desperately need rain he will be hoping for fine weather. His camp last year turned into a mud camp instead of a bushwalking camp because there was so much rain.

I have made yet another batch of ginger beer today, it's very popular this year, maybe because of the dry weather. It is certainly very refreshing. And I've made a big container full of granola, it's definitely granola weather.

I'm working my way through my doll orders and I'm intending to have them all in the post by Friday. Then I will have some extra time to finish off my Christmas presents and do a little dressmaking plus of course plenty of baking.
I made a decision this morning to give my extended family and friends a hand made Christmas decoration and some home cooking. Everyone has so much stuff, some have homes that are so cluttered that any new gift gets lost in the wealth of possessions.
A Christmas decoration is small and will be packed away after Christmas and brought out each year to be enjoyed.
Food of course just disappears, once it is eaten it's gone,it's enjoyed and then is no further trouble. This satisfies my need and desire to give a handmade gift and keeps the projects to a manageable size both for materials and time.
I already have some decorations made and they are lots of fun to do. Short and to the point but very pretty.
I must remember to make some for us as well.

summer roses 1.

3 Responses to “Charlie the wandering duck”

  1. I like your christmas angels.
    The german translator is very funny!

  2. Awww... it sure seems Charlie is determined to make your life interesting! ;)

  3. What a relief that Charlie was okay.
    Willow House


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