Boxes of Joy

6 Dec 2007

nativity box

Christmas is slowly making its way out of storage and onto the shelves and cupboards.

The nativity

Our decorations don't have a theme. Many have been made by the children or by me or by all of us together. All bring memories of Christmas past, of small children, eager and open faced, eyes alight with the magic of it all.

christmas tree box

At the end of each Christmas the decorations are carefully packed away in various boxes and stored in the window seat until we need them again. All that magic quietly sits there and waits. That's a wonderful thing to have hiding in the playroom.

Christmas trees

Each year I try to make something new to add to the collection. So colours change as my whims change but you can be pretty sure there will always be red and green in there somewhere.

The wreaths are on the doors,
the nativity is set up,
and Christmas trees ( not THE CHRISTMAS TREE) are appearing all over.
The tree goes up the first weekend after the children finish school, usually around the 15th of December.

Happy day to you.

One of my Christmas Angels has found a home but there are three more in my etsy shop.

5 Responses to “Boxes of Joy”

  1. This is really sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Christmas is such a special time. It is exciting to see the beloved decorations being brought out once more. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

    When our children were small we made a big fuss over Advent. We wanted to stress the spiritual aspects of Christmas and Advent gave us the perfect way to do that.

    We had an advent wreath, advent calendars, and until it got broken, an adorable stature of a very pregnant Mary riding on a donkey with her hands resting on top of her very round tummy. Joseph was leading the donkey.This led to many discussions about their long trip to Bethlehem.

    We tried to have the children make a lot of their gifts. One year we all painted ornaments for teachers etc. Our 7 foot long kitchen table was covered with them. I don't remember a single purchased gift from that year but fondly remember sitting around the kitchen table, making ornaments, sipping cocoa with marsh mellows and listening to and singing Christmas music.It's the special memories that remain.


    mary L

  3. I'm so glad to know that I am not the only mother who waits until Dec. 15th (or so) to put up The Christmas Tree. I teased my kids that this year we're putting it up Dec. 24th like in the Olden Days!

    I'm still unboxing a bit at a time. It's more enjoyable that way, isn't it?

  4. "All that magic quietly sits there and waits" Beautifully put. This is the first year I've made decorations and I like so much the idea they'll still be put out years later when the kids are adults. It's a warming thought.

  5. Your little nativity set is just beautiful.


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