Blissful pottering

13 Dec 2007

Definitely a day for pottering around today.

I feel so in need of a day to get my bearings. With all the end of school year hoo ha and working so hard to get the dolls in the mail on time I feel my home, my family and me have been a bit neglected.

So I have spent the morning slowly getting my work area in order and dreaming a little about the things I would like to make, just for me, either as gifts or to keep. I've been through the household paper work to make sure all our money matters are up to date. I've checked the calendar to make sure I know what is needed over the next couple of weeks.

I need to ring my aunt to invite her for Christmas lunch and I need to work on my Christmas Day menu and shopping list.

Slowly I feel things are coming back under my control, I feel I need to touch each area of my life to make sure everything is still where I left it.

The sun is shining but there is a gentle breeze, a soft kind of day. I'll hang the washing out soon and think about lunch; lunch for four instead of two. No more school lunches to make for two whole months - bliss.

My routine of mornings spent caring for the house and vegetable garden and afternoons spent sewing or knitting or reading or gardening or visiting or shopping has been waiting for me, beckoning me and now I'm here - bliss.

I surely do appreciate these days. It was fun making all those dolls for those sweet children. Many of my customers who ordered custom made dolls sent me pictures of the little ones who would be the carers of my dolls. Such sweet little things, dear gentle faces, lively sparkling eyes. I hope everything arrives on time.

Now it's on to creating Christmas gifts, the ideas have been bubbling round in my head waiting for the opportunity be made into reality. I'll get started after lunch.

5 Responses to “Blissful pottering”

  1. Oh how I am looking forward to my time off over christmas. Today I started making my list and working out what I to need to make/buy to make christmas happen at my house. All the bought gifts are bought and wrapped except for one last minute gift. The menu for christmas eve at my house is still to be finalised, as well as organising christmas day seafood :)
    Good luck with your preparations and enjoy your pottering :)

  2. Hi Jenny :) What a lovely post - kind of like a hug! I hope that these next weeks are sweet, simple, and fun. Love, Q

  3. "dreaming of things I'd like to make .. for me" is an inspiring idea. Thanks for writing it. You've got me thinking ....

  4. I love making gifts for loved ones. It gives such a special inspiration.

  5. oh I just wrote a big comment and it seems to have disappeared. Don't have time to do it all again. But your days do sound blissful. I'm quite envious of no school lunches....enjoy.

    cheers Lenny


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