bedtime angel

19 Dec 2007


Well another day of computer woes but I think Andy has it fixed now. Computers are a wonderful tool when they are humming along but incredible time guzzlers when they have a problem.

It's very late and I'm heading off to bed soon after another day of family and dolls. Kate had a visitor today so she was very busy, Andy has been at the computer on and off all day and Louis has been mum; making meals, cleaning the kitchen and so on.

Wonderful news this week if you don't mind me bragging a little. Louis got his matriculation results this week and scored a fabulous 99.65. He placed in the top 100 in the state and qualifies for any university in the country for just about any course. He was very relieved to finally have his results and completion of his school year and school life. The current plan is that he will spend a year working and then go to uni.

I will finally tell you about the little angel pictured above. A few weeks ago the lovely Sandra at Winterwood sent me the instructions for making a needle felted Christmas angel. I have never done any needle felting before although I did have some felting needles. I started the angel very late one evening and must admit I didn't read the instructions very carefully. I ended up with an angel with a very small head not at all like the angel on the pattern.

So I just kept on felting until things were in better proportion. I didn't bother to look at the pattern again and just went on my merry way. Consequently my angel looks nothing like the pattern picture though I think she has her own charm. I really enjoyed the needle felting, it's a great way to vent your frustrations, jabbing a nasty looking needle into the fleece over and over, very satisfying. I may try another angel at some stage and attempt something closer to the pattern although I am quite content with my little sweetie.

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  1. Congratulations to Louis! He must be thrilled! The angel is darling. I am hoping to receive some needle-felting supplies for Christmas....

  2. You should definitely bragg a lot, what amazing results and then you mention that Louis cooks meals and cleans the kitchen as well! - what a brilliant young man.

  3. Brag away - that's fantastic! Congrats Louis!!

  4. Jenny, congratulations to Louis. I'm impressed. The little doll you made looks very cute, so what if it's not like in the picture. :)

  5. Very cute Jenny.
    I have that same "Little Lost Angel" book. Same cover and everything. So sweet. Merry Christmas. Love, Tami
    P.S. Congrats to Louis!

  6. Jenny, brag away! What an outstanding result. Congratulations to Louis and all of your family. Having gone through year 12 with my daughter this year also, I know how much TLC they require. Merry Christmas to you all.

  7. Congratulations on your son.. That is something to be proud of indeed!

    and I love the little angel and am having to struggle mightily with envious thoughts at your dollmaking skills... just kidding...mostly;-)

  8. Well done to Louis! I lknow he must have worked hard and you should both be thrilled with the results. I think you angel is very cute!

  9. Congratulations to Louis, what a wonderful Christmas present, to know that he can relax now. I hope he enjoys his year off and has only wonderful experiences.

    Your angel is gorgeous too.

    cheers Lenny

  10. Your angel is just perfect!!


  11. Good Heavens, you have real reason to boast! A brilliant young man who also cooks and cleans?

    Congratulations to Louis on his exams! Huzzah! And congrats to you too, as I'm sure you have not just a small bit to do with it ;)

    And also for the needle felting. I've always wanted to try, but the needles frightened me. (you didn't hurt yourself, did you?)

  12. Congratulations to Louis!!! Let me know if he might be interested in coming to Oxford after his gap year. No promises, but I can ask around a bit if he knows what course he would like to do.

    Anna Marie

  13. Congratulations to Louis, who scored so amazingly high. You and your husband must be very proud of him. The two of you deserve congratulations too, for raising such a fine young man.

    I thought that your angel turned out very sweet. I've never done felting but it looks interesting.


    Mary L.


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