17 Dec 2007


So, there has been plenty of baking going on around here. We have made crunchy gingerbread shapes and my special Christmas shortbread.


We have made the pastry for the fruit mince pies but haven't actually made the pies yet. We have lebkuchen and thought about making the fabulous nutella truffles from Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess book.We have all the ingredients ready so that is a plus.


The Christmas menu is finalised and the jobs have been divvied up.So apart from buying the green groceries, Christmas Day food is sort of sorted. I always think of last minute things which are either acted on or ignored.


I had to go into town today to return library books and pick up some wool that has been kept aside for me for a summer cardigan that I am slowly knitting for Kate. I must admit I do still have a few presents to buy but as this is my usual pattern I'm not too fussed...yet.

laundry bag

Regardless of Christmas ahead normal household business has to continue: the washing, cooking,cleaning. I have some helpers now, fairly reluctant helpers but they still get the job done. I am finishing off Christmas presents and this and that, a new apron and of course my doll.

Last weekend , before school finished we went to the school Christmas chapel service, the Nine Lessons and Carols. The chapel was so beautiful, lit only by candle light. The school choir performed with some superb solo singers, the brass ensemble joining in with the carols as we all sang. It was the very best Christmas service I have ever been too. I was so proud of the way all the children performed , the music was achingly beautiful, just wonderful. The Nine Lessons is always a joyous Christmas experience mainly because of the music and the great peace you feel as the the lessons are read and the music washes over you. A wonderful Christmas experience.

7 Responses to “Baking”

  1. Those cookies look delicious. My hub is always asking me to make "biscuits," or cookies, which he jokingly refers to as "flat buns." Perhaps after work, I need to dust off the rolling pin!

    Have a great Christmas! You sound like you have it all in hand.


    Anna Marie

  2. I can't get over how clean and neat that recipe book is at the top of the post. Recently compiled? Rarely used recipe? Why no stains showing that this is the frequently baked favourite? Perhaps, you are so neat LJW that you put us all to shame. But then you do have a beautiful blog and do beautiful things with your hands so perhaps....

    Blessings and bliss

  3. I love your pictures!

    and I love your laundry bag:-) I am inspired to make one of these for each of my children... maybe to match the Christmas jammies I am making each of them??? Oh, my the last thing I need right now is another thing to *make* for Christmas, lol!

    You are waaay ahead of me!

  4. Your cookies look SO nice. Could you share the recipe with us ?

    The carol service sounds lovely. What are the nine lessons ? Do your children attend a private school ?


    Mary L.

  5. I hope your holiday season is a joyous and pleasant one. We just finished celebrating Hanukkah here last week.

  6. Hi Anna Marie, Thank you, happy Christmas to you too.

    Miss eagle. yes it was recently compiled, after last Christmas in fact. I decided to put all my Christmas recipes in the one place so I wrote them in an old exercise book.

    Mary L, I've put a link to the information about the Nine Lessons in my post so you can explore that if you want to. Yes my children go to a private Anglican school.

    Hi Anna, happy Hanukkah

  7. We went to a nine lessons service too, held by my eldest son's school; he is a treble though not for much longer, I fear (he's 13). It was simply exquisite, very other-worldly.



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