What a great day...

25 Nov 2007


What a great day. We all spent plenty of time in the garden and it was such a beautiful spring day.


The pond was begun .


Andy and Kate dug out the pond as big and as deep as they could manage and still fit into the chosen space. We had a piece of pond liner my parents had given us so that limited the size as well. Louis and Kate scoured the garden for whatever rocks they could find to hold the liner in place and then it was filled with a little sand and the water.


Then Kate started decorating. She bought the fairy yesterday with her pocket money. Of course she painted the sign, after thinking about a suitably pretty name all night.She collected a pot plant or two and whatever coloured pretty things she could find. It's a work in progress. We might find some better rocks and we need some pond weed. Tomorrow after school we are going fishing for tadpoles. We will have to plant some more bits and pieces around it and maybe make a stepping stone path.


While I was visiting the pond I had a good look at the flowering gum. It is just beautiful this year and there are dropped flowers all over the ground. If you look closely you can see a bird in the tree.


While they took a break the boys shifted the table down to sit under the old pepper tree next to the chook yard so they could relax in the shade and keep an eye on the pond.

Stephen worked happily in the garden all day. Well he started off grumpy but his mood improved as the day wore on and the demons of a bad week at work left him.


This sweet angel will be in the shop tomorrow, with a face and clothed of course.


I've used that beautiful handspun kid mohair again that I used for Rosie.


I had such a lovely day today. Enjoying the garden, enjoying my family, good food and plenty of laughter. Bottled a batch of ginger beer, roast chicken for lunch,fresh baked focaccia with tasty bits and pieces for tea plus a special Katie made dessert of orange and raspberry jelly (jello) with whipped cream and a raspberry frog sitting on the top otherwise known as" frog in a pond". I hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones and enjoyed the place where you live.

5 Responses to “What a great day...”

  1. Your pond is so pretty,Jenny! I love your fairy-i have the fairies in my garden,also. i really like the way you surrounded the pond with stones. Your doll just needs a pretty dress and you are all done? I don't always comment but I read your posts every day-they are so inspiring. Rose

  2. Jenny, I'd love to see the progress of your pond in future posts!

  3. Your Kate reminds me of my niece - she has just decorated part of her garden as a fairy garden, complete with fairy boat, fairy queen throne etc. I'll have to take a photo next time I visit!

  4. Lovely! You had such a beautiful day!

    We had a great day too, with lots of things that got done, and some surprises too.

    It's so nice to see your garden. We are settling into winter's deep embrace, and it was as gray and cold as it has been all year so far. Your posts remind me that we'll come around again in our own season, and they make me wonder at how green 'green' is.

    Bless you, and congrats on another sweet girl-doll.

  5. Hi Jen, what a lovely day indeed ! I had a pleasent day with a visit to my parents home ,after Church ! My Mom and I sat on her sofa together and did a little crocheting and had a very nice chat.
    I love the little pond, it's very sweet and your lovely doll as well.



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