Thanks Jewels

17 Nov 2007

Amanda 1

A flying post just to let you know there is one more little girl in the shop and there will be a boy doll soon as well. The other dolls sold very quickly but I can still take custom orders for Christmas until the 24th of November. There will be more dolls going into the shop over the coming week including some cushion dolls.
There has been a wonderful response to my latest dolls and I believe that the sold dolls are going to people who read my blog which is lovely. It feels like they are going to family.

I also want to thank Jewels for giving me the inspiration for my Sweet Heart dolls. We talked about my idea and she thought it was great. The beautiful, sweet simple clothes she dressed her little ones in this past summer took me back to when my own children were little ones too. I can't dress my own like that any more but I can dress my dolls. Her use of colour to give a magical rainbow quality to childhood and loose layers to allow free, happy play was inspirational and Jewels, I thank you for those wonderful, wonderful scenes of simple and precious family life.

I never imagined that I could find such a true friend and kindred spirit through the magic of the internet. For some reason , one day I clicked on a link at a seldom visited blog that took me Jewels magical home. Unbeknown to me Jewels had been visiting my blog for some time. She already knew me. Her public blog didn't last long but it was a wonderful place and provided many with a peaceful inspirational place to visit and remember.

Thank you dear Jewels.

Speaking of families, my own are growing restless and hungry so I had better dash. I'm babysitting a friend's children tonight as well but I think they will arrive fed.

Have a happy and safe weekend.


13 Responses to “Thanks Jewels”

  1. Jenny...your dollies are selling like hotcakes! Congratulations! One of my daughters will be the lucky recipient of one. :o) I, too, was a very big fan of Jewels. I was devastated when she took her blog out of the public realm. She was an inspiration and my daughters and I talk about the "Eyes of Wonder" family all the time.

  2. Ah, I do miss Jewels, too, so.very.much! But I am ever so glad I found you, Jenny, through her. [Though I almost.never.comment because of time constraints, I do read! :o)] Your dolls are adorable ... no surprise that they are selling so very well!

  3. Dear Jenny, I also miss Jewels! She was such an inspiration for me and for my girls. How we all miss her. I found your blog through Jewels'. I am not surprised that your pretty dolls are selling so fast. If we lived near your store my girls would be buying everything. Blessings, Rose

  4. I miss Jewels very much.. and the music you have on your blog now makes me very nostalgic for her as well. Beautiful music for beautiful people.

    Your dolls are so sweet..

  5. Jenny, your Sweet Heart dolls are my favorite. They are so beautiful. I know that Jewels will just love them. Have a blessed weekend. Love, Tami

  6. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who misses Jewels - sometimes it seems almost abnormal to miss so much someone you have never met in real life. But on the up side, visiting Jewels's blog taught me so much. I will never forget her!

  7. Jenny... I purchased Felicity yesterday for my daughter Sarah. I was also a reader of Jewels' blog. Looking back I can't remember how I came to be at either of your blogs, but I am glad for the time that I have spent visiting both.

    I made the window stars I saw on Jewels' blog and hung them on my kitchen windows where I see them everyday. They are reminders of the things I learned from her.

    Rhonda's blog encourages me to live a simpler life. One of my kitchen drawers is filled with hand knitted cotton dishcloths so that I don't use paper towels and fill the garbage with more trash.

    I ordered your doll not only for my daughter, but for myself as well. I know that someday, my child will leave this doll behind and move onto other things. When the time comes, I will put her doll somewhere I can see her everyday and it will be a reminder of this special time in our lives.

    A doll is a friend forever!


  8. Jenny,

    Your sweet dolls remind me of illustrations in books by Joan Walsh Anglund. I have some from my childhood. You put your soul into them which makes them extra special. I enjoy reading about your daily chores and your enjoyment of them.

  9. Jenny...
    I just purchased this most recent doll, and I can't wait to see her in real life! I found you on etsy by searching for waldorf dolls, but I have to say that your dolls are so much sweeter than the others I have seen. I think it is a combination of the darling clothes, their innocent faces, and the beautiful hair. I love your blog makes me wish it was summer here!
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Martha, that's wonderful that you bought one of the dolls. And it's also wonderful that we all found each other's blogs because of Jewels.

    Hi Jodi, I'm glad you had time to comment and thank you.

    Hi Rose, it's amazing that so many people gained so much from Jewel's blog.

    Hi Willowcaroline, thank you.

    Hi Tami, I hope she does love them too.

    Hi Anna, yes I think many people learned a lot from Jewels.

    Hi Christine, that is a beautiful comment and you are so right, a doll is a friend forever, and I believe they can be just as important to adults as they can to children. I'm so glad you bought one of the dolls.

    Hi Paula, I had never heard of Joan Walsh Anglund but I googled her and her illustrations are familiar. I'm very flattered to have my dolls compared to her sweet creations. Thank you.

    Hi Liz, that was a lovely thing to say. Thank you so much.

  11. Dearest ((Jenny))the dolls are *so* very adorable. I just love them all--everyone here does! How gifted you are at bringing them to life--and finding them such loving homes. How blessed we are to share so much across the miles, yes. I'll leave this little note here for anyone that might read it. I have missed everyone so much, too, and though I haven't been able to open the blog back up, yet/or even do a single post since I closed it, it is still very much in my heart to do so. So, please know---I haven't sent out *any* invitations at all, yet (just so no one feels hurt of left out--please know no one is). My computer time has been almost nonexistent for a bit of time, here. And, the coming 2 months may be the busiest time of all, with packing up, moving, and settling in, to a new home, as we will sign a contract for the sale of our house, today--and will close the sale in about 6 weeks. We're still not sure about about just which house we'll be moving *to*---but we are sure that God knows the plans He has for us....all for good :o) Jenny, thank-you, more than words can say, for the gift of your treasured friendship. I too am so very grateful for it. Thanks for your loving words. I'm looking so forward to *seeing* everyone, again, catching up on so much and sharing in your precious lives again, in God's perfect time. I've missed everyone so much, think of you each day and pray for you. Thanks for thinking of us and praying us over to **the other side**. Lord willing, I'll see you soon :o)
    With much, much, love, Jewels

    Jenny, you can do whatever you think best with this note. If you think you might want to (in all it's humbleness :o)) tag it on at the end of one of your lovely posts as a small hello to everyone instead of, or as well as, a comment, please do, okay. If you don't, well then, *don't* little jenny wren :o) You use your wonderfully good judgement and do whatever you think best, okay! Jenny.......***we're moving***!!! Can you belive it?! I'll write soon. xo your JAR

  12. What beautiful sentimenst. I can see why you Jenny and Jewels are kindred spirits, what I miss in her blog I see in yours. I love the way you dress your beautiful dolls and it does remind me of the beautiful clothes that we got a glimpse of on Jewel's blog. Please don't go anywhere Jenny, your blog really inspires me to appreciate the beauty around me and reminds me how precious my children are.

  13. I can't remember how I found your blog, (I think it might have been throug Jewels' blog which I loved!) I just wanted you to know I stop by and love reading your blog and seeing all of your dolls. I have two small boys and it is nice to know someone is making dolls for boys. I will check your shop for them.


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