Tadpole hunting

26 Nov 2007

Boys in Their School Uniform Inspect Their Jam Jar Full of Little Fish

Kate, Louis and I went searching for tadpoles this afternoon when Kate arrived home from school. But before we headed off we had to catch the rooster and put him in a box ready to go back to where he came from. Yes one of the hens decided she/he was too pretty to be a hen and became a rooster, 5am crowing and all. It would be lovely to keep him because he is very beautiful but we live in a suburban area and it's not fair on the neighbours. The funny thing is we bought the hens from a vet who assured us they were definitely all females. I've been putting him in a box in the garage each evening to keep him quiet and that works fine but we don't really need a rooster so he is going back to the vet. I won't think about his eventual fate.

We managed to get plenty of tadpoles or taddies as we called them when I was young. Collecting taddies used to be one of my favourite hobbies. I would have rows of ice cream containers all lined up around the back door filled with tadpoles at various stages of development. Eventually , my mother, not the most tolerant of people, would pour them out into the "swamp" over the back fence. Our house was on a septic system and there were small swamps along the back fences of all the houses, sort of like a bog garden. I think Prince Charles uses a similar system at Highgrove to treat the grey and black water.

The local tadpole pond is in a park that used to be a brick fields and was very boggy. Now as well as housing a hospice and sheltered accommodation for the elderly it has this beautiful park full of wonderful trees. The park was just being constructed when Louis was a baby so the trees are not yet mature but they are lovely. There are little pockets of native bushland as well especially where the cliff face of the quarry is. At the bottom of the cliff is the pond complete with waterlilies and native grasses and sedges. Kate had great fun and Louis took a step back to his younger years and went after those taddies with avengance.

Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream

We had yummy home made chocolate ice cream for dessert tonight with a big bowl of cherries, not local but Australian at least and drastically reduced at the supermarket. Cherry season doesn't start down here until January. Our own cherry tree actually has fruit on it this year but I think the birds will get most of them as we don't have the tree netted.

I didn't manage to get any new dolls in the shop today. I left the photography till late afternoon and then a huge black cloud came over as we were coming back from the pond in the park. it looked as though it would rain but it just became very dark and I couldn't take any decent pictures. I will be adding a brown skinned doll with hair similar to this one below as well as the doll I showed you yesterday.

3 Responses to “Tadpole hunting”

  1. Dear jenny-I have a rooster and he is up by 5 a.m. also. i live in the country, but someone complained that my rooster woke them up. They left a note in my mailbox about it. The police said that i have every right to have a rooster and he didnot know how they could have heard him-i am so far out in the country. Well, i am glad we have him because he wakes everyone up and we get started on our day. Blessings, Rose-love your doll with the cute braids.

  2. Dear Jenny,

    I have read that if a hen develops an ovary infection or has a tumor in the same area, it can cause her hormonal changes that cause her to grow larger combs and behave like a rooster including crowing and trying to mate with the hens. Anitboitics can usually clear the infection up and she will stop.
    But there is also a phenomena of crowing hens. I have read that if there is no rooster in a flock one of the dominant hens will assume the role of flock protector which will include crowing, which roosters use to establish and defend their territory.

    We have 11 roosters and only 2 of them crow. Thank goodness!

    I love seeing the pictures of your new dolls.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hmm ~ No roosters here - just turkeys, and they're wild (and no ... I'm not talking about my children ~ lol). I'm so glad your tadpole hunt was a success. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around Christmas in the summertime. (Something I've always known, of course, but seeing it lived out with pictures is quite different!) Loved your two, new dollies ~ sweet!


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