9 Nov 2007

freesia rose 2

What a week it's been. I feel for every step forward I have taken two steps back.
It was a short working week so everyone was home on Monday and most of Monday's jobs were moved to Tuesday. I have had to go to town twice this week and to a school function late yesterday afternoon so my normal rhythm has been somewhat syncopated. I guess I'm not really behind with anything I just feel ruffled.

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Having Louis at home on swat vac has been good company and the fabulous weather keeps drawing me out into the garden when I have so much to do inside. I guess what I need is to get into my holiday rhythm so that life still goes along smoothly even though I'm not on my own during the day.

poppy 2

The pre Christmas/summer holiday period has snuck up on me this year. I'm not talking about Christmas preparations but the strange twilight time between the start of the fine weather and the excitement of Advent and Christmas. It is a time of school changes like exams, camps, special concerts, as well as the changes that the longer days bring with life being lived more outside and to a slower rhythm even though there seems to be more to do.

Watering gardens takes over from lighting fires. Clothes washing can be a more leisurely affair with more time for drying and more sunny days so the washing doesn't have to be brought in to finish drying by the fire. Windows are thrown wide open from the early hours to fill the house with the fragrance and freshness of the day. It's still cool enough for a cardigan or light jumper especially in the early morning and evenings and the occasional late fire to ward off the chills.

Food starts to change , meals are lighter and there is the desire to make and eat ice cream. In many ways food becomes plainer and simpler in spring and summer. There seems to be less need for the warming spices that flavour autumn and winter.

You see I know what is supposed to be happening and it is happening all around me, I'm doing it, I just don't feel as I'm quite up to speed yet. It's like I have been snoozing in the late afternoon and suddenly everyone is home from school and work, full of their day and needing to be listened to and fed and I'm still half asleep. I need a quiet day at home, pottering around and really getting comfortable with the season and all its excitement and needs.

freesia rose 1

There are so many things to love about this time of year I just hadn't realised it was this time of the year.

8 Responses to “Syncopation”

  1. I know just how you feel, I love it when I can have a day at home. It always amuses me that some people who have MAGNIFICENT homes, costing them an absolute fortune, are always out shopping, on holidays, or out for dinner, and basically only SLEEP in their mansions!!!! They just don't get it do they LOL ....

    Loved your photos, I am going to get my camera out today you have really inspired me.

  2. Beeutiful the last lines of your post are so beautiful Thank you so much for those words. blessings Mary

  3. Lovely post. It's the anticipation of summer coming that I love. Hope you soon find your new rhythm for this time of the year.

    cheers Lenny

  4. Wow, things are really blooming beautiful at your house, Jenny! I've had a couple of days away from home this week and I know just what you mean -- feeling behind, but not really behind what? I enjoy reading about your simple, lovely life.


  5. I know how you feel. There seem to have been so many little changes to my routine lately that although nothing major or bad has happened I feel that I just need a "normal" week to catch up.

    With all the wind and storms battering the UK at the moment I'm enjoying your spring photos.

  6. Lovely time of year Jenny!
    Thanks for clearing something up for me too, after 41 years, I thought everyone went on 'swat back', now I know its 'swat vac'. LOL

  7. Jenny, don't worry, you'll get into the rhythm - it just normally takes a little time when seasons change. I know what you mean about feeling a bit ruffled.

  8. You perfectly described my own "ruffledness" as the season changes and the holidays quickly approach, however, here in the States, I am on the opposite side of the seasons. Putting away the short-sleeved blouses and pulling out the sweaters, cutting wood for the roaring fire in the fireplace, leaves falling quickly after their burst of's so funny to think we are experiencing many of the same emotions in opposite weather!

    I hope you enjoy the season!


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