Sweet Heart Hollie

27 Nov 2007

Hollie 4

This shy little poppet has just gone into the shop.

Hollie 2

With her long kid mohair locks she is best suited to an older child, say above five.

Hollie 3

She is wearing a peasant dress rather than a blouse

Hollie 1

She is named Hollie after Kate's friend who has the most unbelievable pale blonde hair just like little Hollie.

Sweet Heart Hollie has found a home. Thank you.

3 Responses to “Sweet Heart Hollie”

  1. She is so sweet. Some lucky little girl will be so happy on Christmas morn because of you!!!! Mary

  2. Your dolls are so lovely. Do you make many boy dolls? I would love to have one for my little one, but I don't know if he would play with it enough to justify the cost. Of course it could always be a present to myself!

    God bless,



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