18 Nov 2007

Kate's felt heart

While I have been busy with dolls Kate has been making Christmas presents. She made this hand felted heart and then beaded it. It's pretty don't you think.

Kate's felt picture

Last week we attended the opening of a children's art exhibition at the local art gallery. Kate's first ever piece of picture felting was chosen to be part of the exhibition. One eye was a bit wonky but apart from that I think it's wonderful. I love the hair.

Maggie relaxing

It's been a relaxing day here with perfect late spring weather. I've been fiddling round with dolls while the boys have been studying for their exams and Kate has been making necklaces and bracelets and best of all her first completely solo chocolate cake. And dear Stephen has managed to get the car back on the road after a series of major setbacks.

Peter 5

This little man is in the shop now.His name is Peter and as well as his gingham shirt he has a Fair Isle vest and soft denim trousers. I sell a lot of boy dolls, usually custom orders. I guess it's difficult to find gentle dolls for boys in toy shops.

Well, Louis last exams is on Tuesday. He has been fairly happy with the ones he has done so far although he was very nervous for the first one. He has set himself very high standards and has worked very hard. Andy's exams are just within the school but he is hoping to do well though apart from playing cricket yesterday he has spent most of the weekend doing some serious relaxation. Kate goes away on camp this weekend and she is very excited about that. And I think I'll be spending most of my spare time this week playing with my dolls.


5 Responses to “Sunday”

  1. Kate is very talented and has a good eye, just like her mother. Clarice

  2. I am also blessed with a creative daughter and I can't help but feel a swelling proud heart when I see her create. You must also be so proud of Kate.

    Peter is just sweet as a pea!

    Love your site.

  3. Your dolls are so beautiful.
    Kate is a very talented and creative daughter.You must be very proud of Kate

  4. Have been enjoying seeing all your dolls lately, they're just gorgeous...your first sweetie with the white mohair hair looks just like oneg of my granddaughters.

    I'd like to know how you do your doll's hair.... I have the Kinder Dolls book, but can't crochet, and I find her instructions for the knitted cap difficult to understand. I'd like to be able to do hair like Peter's for dolls for littlies.

    Do you have any tips you'd be happy to share?

  5. Oh Jenny your dolls are just beautiful, I think I must soon adopt one for our home. Your weekend and your life in general sounds so devine. I aspire to radiate peace and calm in the way that you do.

    The clock in the last picture is lovely. How i wish there was one like that in my family, to pass on to others. Think I might have to try to find one to start the tradition.

    cheers Lenny


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