28 Nov 2007

Friends at the Cafe            by Miguel Dominguez

I took a day off from doll making today to meet my sister to celebrate my little sister's birthday. You know you are getting old when your little sister is 45.
We met for coffee after I had been in to school to listen to Kate do a reading at chapel.

Coffee was at the chocolate shop, good coffee accompanied by a good handmade chocolate. Two hours later and after the best talk we have had in ages we parted company. In many ways our lives are very different but we will always share memories of a happy childhood and of course share an extended family in all its glory.

I had a browse around the shops though I didn't feel tempted to buy anything apart from some bacon from the delicatessan. As usual I looked for books but compared to what I have seen on line I couldn't see anything I wanted. I hoped to find a couple of simple t-shirts but didn't find anything I liked. It was very pleasant in town .Some people were obviously working their way through their Christmas shopping lists but I remained blissfully free of Christmas shopping thoughts.

When I got home there were two surprises in the letterbox: a pattern for me and a letter for Louis to tell him that he will be receiving three awards at speech night, one for maths, one for physics and one for history. That's such wonderful news, a great reward for all his hard work.

Coming Home from the Mill by Laurence Stephen Lowry

All in all it has been a lovely relaxing day.

ps yesterday I received a letter from a wonderful friend who I met through blogging last year. She no longer blogs and it was such a treat to get a letter. To everyone who knew her , Natalie says hello and sends her love.

10 Responses to “Sisters”

  1. Hi Jenn, thats for the Hello from Natalie, was only thinking of her today and missing her blogs. Well done to Louis! What a great achievement. Warm wishes

  2. Sounds like a lovely day Jenny. My sister and I are very different, but as we have gotten older we have become much closer, especially since our mum passed away. Sisters are special.

    Well done to Louis, it's always so nice to get some recognition for ones hard work.

    Great to hear that Natalie is still keeping in touch.

    cheers Lenny

    PS I read your blog every day, it's like a little piece of calm in a busy world. Thank you

  3. Congrats to Louis!

    I agree with Lenny - your blog always make me smile and feel relaxed!

  4. Congratulations Louis ! Splendid rewards for hard work. Keep moving forward, all the best.
    Lovely post Jenny, like an entry from "Diary of a Provincial Lady", soothing and pleasant. Jayne

  5. What a nice visit for you and your sister to share. I have only one sister who is 11 years younger than me. She lives 1 1/2 hours from me and works full time at a hospital, so it's special for us when we are able to set a date to get together.



    Mary L

  6. I only knew Natalie's blog briefly, but it's so lovely to hear from her!

  7. Hi Jenny :) There is just something so special about sister- time! I am so glad that you were able to have some soffee and a good chat. And I know what you mean about the age thing - how can my little sister possibly be 34??

    Congratulations to your son! And love to you, Q

  8. Jenny, say g'ay to Natalie from me. She was so kind to me when I first started blogging.

    Your morning of coffee and conversation with you sister sounds wonderful. The handmade chockie sounds pretty good too!


  9. What fun to have coffee and conversation with your sis. Mine is far away.

    Say HELLO to Natalie from me!
    I miss her. Thank you for sharing your news of her.



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