Saturday Pictorial

24 Nov 2007


Tiny little singlets and panties being knitted.


Jigsaw just sitting until some one is in a puzzle frame of mind.


Babies waiting to be adopted.


The red rose that always flowers in time for Advent but is always finished before Christmas day.


Delicate rose geranium at the back door that wafts a little fragrance everytime my skirt brushes by...


and a busy bee.


Pondering a new pond.


A whipping snapping wash in the warm wind.


The pom poms that took over the vegie garden.

11 Responses to “Saturday Pictorial”

  1. Your house looks so relaxing and inviting. Clarice

  2. I am a bit jealous...almost no time for crafting, always computer, computer, and more work.
    My part-time job is getting out of control!

  3. Jenny, it's so lovely to visit you as you're entering your summer, while winter is arriving here. Each season has a unique beauty. :)

  4. Dear Jenny,
    I miss the summer. In Switzerland, winter is arriving. It is cold outside.
    Your house looks so lovely. Thank you for this beautiful pictures.

  5. Oh, I just LOVE that baby boy! I want to adopt him...desperately! I keep checking every day to see if he's gone.
    As for a pond...DO IT! My husband made one in our yard and it brings HOURS of enjoyment (frogs) as well as offering a drink for the birds.
    Thanks for the great photos...

  6. Lovely! So peaceful.

    Weren't you at all caught up in the election and the busyness it caused?

  7. Lovely, lovely photos. It's a rest for the eyes to visit your blog.

  8. Hi I have been reading for a while and feel compelled to comment. Definetly do the pond. They are great for so many reasons. They encourage 'the good guys' in terms of pest management for the garden. Hopefully the water will attract Dragon-flies - apparently they can eat up to 8,000 mozzie larvae. Also my four year old loves sitting and watching the frogs and tadpoles.
    Your garden is so beautiful.

  9. Oh, Jenny, your garden looks so gorgeous, I love seeing washing blowing in the breeze on the line. Your photos are beautiful, I think you should put your garden in the Open Garden Scheme.....

  10. Oh, yes, forgot to mention, we have quite a big fish pond, home to our lovely koi fish, but we do laugh when Scully the Staffy wants to drink out of it, and she barks like crazy at the fish to frighten them away first !!! Lots of frogs too!


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