Old roses

7 Nov 2007

Floral pinny 1

My old pinny has seen better days. I made it about ten years ago. The fabric, now faded, was in the bargain box at the patchwork shop. I used some of it in a little quilt that covers a lounge room chair and I still have a few pieces big enough to use in a small project. The first time my sister saw me in this pinny she said I looked like a French country housewife because of the style. It was meant to be a negative comment but I quite liked it and think of that every time I wear it.

Simplicity pattern 5201

Kate's rose 2

There is something about old roses and those delightful old rosie pinks that is so comfortable and welcoming. My mother in law refuses to have pink roses in her garden because they are too predictable, too ordinary but I find them lovely.

I actually like that pink is associated with girls because it gives us one special colour that we own. We, as a sex, have first rights to pink. It can be soft like the sweetest baby pink or a hot and sunny bright pink or like the rose above, a relaxed, musky, fade into the background pink.

Bathroom 1

I couldn't help adding a touch of pink to this knitted face washer the added bonus being that the boys won't use it. I have never said they can't it is just marked as GIRLS ONLY by the pink stripe.

old bag

My tattered old bag , made about the same time as the pinny desperately needs new straps but I can't abandon it. I love the fabric, the faded old pink roses, and it's the perfect size for taking to the shops when you only need a couple of things, or taking to a craft fair when you have to carry a packed lunch and some water and a treasure or two , or to safely carry your latest knitting project without fear of losing any precious needles. When I make the time I will give some new handles and it will be as good as new.

12 Responses to “Old roses”

  1. That pinafore is lovely! It's hard to find patterns for nice long ones, and it looks so comfy the way it just crosses at the back. I'll definitely be making one.

    Love your posts,

  2. I have the same pattern! And an apron made from it.. I made it reversible... both sides have a rosy fabric to them. I will have to post photos for you sometime.

    I love that apron.. it covers everything and makes me feel so very domestic, even when I am just rushing a quick dinner after a busy day.

    I always thought I would make another one with the shorter version, but then found I liked the length and the protection it gives.

  3. Pink roses are the best, I have 3 David Austins in my front yard, Ill try and post a photo some time. Loved your tote bag!

  4. I love pink roses the best. I don't think of them as ordinary, but special. During the years when we lived aboard our boat, we would travel with the boat up the coast from New Jersey where we lived, and spend our Summers in New England. Our two youngest daughters were still home and we'd leave as soon as they were out of school in June.

    One Summer we visited Nantucket. There must be something about the climate on that island that is perfect for roses. I have lovely memories of the little grey cottages trimmed with white. They all had roses growing in unbelievable abundance - spilling over the picket fences and climbing up the sides of the houses and spilling over the roofs. Most of the roses were pink.

    I love that apron and think I will make it for my daughter in green and white gingham.


    Mary L

  5. Love the apron and the beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them with us, Jenny !


  6. I Love the rose pattern, and the rose is beautiful.

  7. I used to have an unexamined disdain for the color pink (except in nature) UNTIL I read your comment in this post. You have single-handedly caused me to appreciate the "girliness" of pinks and I dare say...I may add more pinks to my world now. A curious thing!

  8. Jenny, I love pink as well. I'm a girly girl. :)

  9. A lovely post, Jenny :) Thanks for sharing your beloved apron and bag and roses. Love to you! Q

  10. Jenny, I love the Ben Sands music, It is so lovely and peaceful. Blessings, Tami

  11. I love the dark pinks too. Isn't it funny how boys and men are with pink. LOL

    I love your pinny and bag, old things are always the best. I have on a pair of shoes the same as the girl in the long pinny. : )

    Thanks for the pics of Deloraine too. My step son and DIL were there last week and have come back home full of excitement about Tasmania.

  12. I love my older things, too. Can't seem to part with them! I wore my old apron, which was actually inherited from my husband's grandmother, until it was quite literally threadbare. I carefully traced a pattern from it, though, and make most of my everyday aprons from that pattern. There is a softness and dependability from old, cherished, well-used and well-loved things.


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