A note from Jewels

19 Nov 2007

Yarn by Jessie Wilcox-Smith

This note for everyone from Jewels was left in the comments of a previous post

Dearest ((Jenny)),the dolls are *so* very adorable. I just love them all--everyone here does! How gifted you are at bringing them to life--and finding them such loving homes. How blessed we are to share so much across the miles, yes.

I'll leave this little note here for anyone that might read it. I have missed everyone so much, too, and though I haven't been able to open the blog back up, yet/or even do a single post since I closed it, it is still very much in my heart to do so. So, please know---I haven't sent out *any* invitations at all, yet (just so no one feels hurt or left out--please know no one is). My computer time has been almost nonexistent for a bit of time, here.

And, the coming 2 months may be the busiest time of all, with packing up, moving, and settling in, to a new home, as we will sign a contract for the sale of our house, today--and will close the sale in about 6 weeks. We're still not sure about about just which house we'll be moving *to*---but we are sure that God knows the plans He has for us....all for good :o)
Jenny, thank-you, more than words can say, for the gift of your treasured friendship. I too am so very grateful for it. Thanks for your loving words.

I'm looking so forward to *seeing* everyone, again, catching up on so much and sharing in your precious lives again, in God's perfect time. I've missed everyone so much, think of you each day and pray for you. Thanks for thinking of us and praying us over to **the other side**. Lord willing, I'll see you soon :o)

With much, much, love, Jewels

We Give Thanks by Jessie Wilcox-Smith

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  1. What a beautiful message, I too like many others miss her kind words and gentle thoughts. I am glad to heare that things are going well for her and her family. Good Luck and God bless you Jewels :)

  2. Thank you for posting that lovely
    message from Jewels. I miss reading
    her blog. God bless both of you as
    you are ministering and encouraging
    women on both sides of the ocean.
    Thank you, Michelle

  3. Thank you so much for posting that lovely message! Both your and Jewels' blogs have blessed me so much as I try to wend my way towards simplicity.


  4. Please tell Jewels that we all miss her, her family and her kind and thoughtful words!
    Thank you for posting her note to you.


  5. Thank you for posting that. I adored Jewel's blog and am still knitting away at my Jewel-shawl.


  6. Jenny,thank you for posting the sweet message from Jewels. You and your family, Jewels, have been in my prayers and I will continue to lift you all up to the Lord. Glad to hear that your house has sold and I will pray that the Lord will direct you to the "perfect" house for your family. Be blessed, Jewels, dear and enjoy each day.
    Blessings to you and to Jenny - we all found her through you. :o)


    Mary L.

  7. Oh Jenny.. thank you for bridging the gap.. and thank Jewels for dropping in. I have been hoping they would sell their home/find a home as I know how unsettling being unsettled can be. That aspect of their lives has been much on my mind.

  8. Thank you Jenny, for posting Jewels message. We all miss her and am glad to hear things are going well. Jewels is so right your dolls are "so" adorble. You are very gifted. Clarice

  9. Thank you for posting the note from Jewels! I have wondered about the sale of their house, moving and the new grand-baby! So good to hear from her! Prayers for the next few months!!

  10. It's great to hear from Jewels, thanks for posting the message. I miss her wise words very much.

    cheers Lenny

  11. Thank you so much for relaying this message from our dear friend! Bless you!

  12. Thank you, Jenny, for posting this sweet note!

    Dear Jewels,

    What an answer to prayer to hear that you will be moving!! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Your friend,
    Ruth, PA

  13. Thanks Jen, for sharing Jewels message with us. It was very good to hear news of her and the family!

    Hope you will be so happy in your home, Jewels !

    Blessings, Shelley

  14. I don't know how I managed to see this comment, on this day, as I was thinking of Jewels and missing her so. Wondering how her family is, and if they've moved. Thank you so much for sharing -- I will put you on my bloglines or friends list, and will check back. Please let her know how much she is missed! Thanks again!

  15. Jenny, thank you so much for sharing Jewels comment (and thank you Jewels for leaving it!) I have often wondered how she and her precious family are and appreciate the news. Kathy

  16. Thanks for posting Jewels note Jenn.

  17. Thank you for posting this. I miss Jewels alot!

    It was very kind of you.


  18. It is so nice to hear from Jewels. Thanks, Jenny!

  19. Dear Jenny, Thank you for posting this from Jewels, i found you wonderful website through hers...what a treasure of people to inspire us all.

    Thank you for posting her message I've changed email since her blog closed and have always wondered if I would be able to find a way to contact her if she started bloging again..If you could you pass it on I'd be so grateful.
    what good news over their house sale praying that all goes well with the move.
    God Bless both of you and your families

    Shelley P
    from over the pond

  20. Jenny, Thank you for posting Jewels comments. It was very generous of you.

    Jewels, Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to keep us posted!

  21. Jenny, I've been thinking about darling Jewels and her precious family lately. Thanks for posting this message. It's lovely to hear an update from them. Hope you're having a blessed day.

  22. Thank you so much Jenny for posting 'A note from Jewels'. I too miss her terribly and look forward to the day she's able to share her inspiring thoughts again with us and her beautiful photography.


  23. oh...I was so glad to read this because I have sorely missed reading her blog ...and the respite it was.

  24. Dear Jenny,
    Lovely to hear a message from Jewels. I miss reading her blog too. Thank you so much Jenny.

  25. Hi Jenny!

    I think I found your blog through Jewels blog and what a treasure this has been for me! I am currently approx. 10 days away from having another baby and have come here often for encouragement and to look at your dolls. I haven't been able to craft much this pregnancy due to being very sick, but I have been getting ideas from you (and Jewels) for the winter months after my baby is born. Thank you for the encouragement to simplify my life and to focus on what really matters. :-)

    Thnak you for posting this letter from Jewels. I have been wondering what has happened to her and miss seeing the pictures of her sweet family. I hope and pray all goes well for her in the next few months.

    When Jewels shut her blog down I was having computer problems and was unable to leave her my e-mail address. I hope you can pass it on to her.

    I also hope you don't shut down your blog. I can come here and view the beautiful home you have, marvel over your dolls and see the beautiful country the Lord created in Australia. How blessed we all are to live on this beautiful earth!


  26. Dear Jenny,

    I have been one of your blog readers since early this year when I met Jewels through her blog. I´ve so enjoyed your thoughtfulness and insight, your wonderful talents and beautiful dolls. I have hopes of one day purchasing a doll or two from you, but as I am currently living in South America, shipping them safely would be difficult. I am hoping for next year when we are back home, in the U.S., for a visit, that I can have them posted to my address there. I will keep in touch with you in this regard. Anyway, I have so enjoyed visiting your lovely blog and I was very touched when you began using the music Jewels had on her blog; what a wonderful reminder of a precious family, that we all came to love. (Many blessings to you and your lovely family Sweet Jewels, ((Big Hugs)). How exciting that you will be moving soon, lots to do.....thank you for thinking of us), and thank you Jenny for posting this for us, how blessed we are to meet so many wonderful people through, as in your words, "the magic of internet".

    Blessings to you and your family Jenny.

    Warmly, Colleen

  27. How wonderful to hear from Jewels, and that all is going well for her and her family. I hope they will find that perfect house in their search.


    Anna Marie

  28. Thank you for posting this. I so miss Jewels and her family. She and you are both a blessing to me.

    Thank you,

  29. I'm so happy to hear from Jewels. Reading her blog had a profound effect on my life. I was away on vacation and away from a computer near the end of September. When I got back on the computer to read her blog, it was locked! I have poked around the blogosphere from time to time to see if she was anywhere to be found and that's how I found this note. Jewels, good luck on your move. My prayers are with you and your family. I gained so much insight from your postings. They lifted my heart. Many thanks. Nancy Ellen

  30. Thank you so much for posting the message from Jewels. I've so missed Jewels and her family - through the blog I felt like we were friends, they've been in my prayers and it's great to hear the house move is going ahead. I discovered your blog through Jewels and have thoroughly enjoyed my visits here.

    Love and best wishes Vicki

  31. Oh Jenny, Thank you for sharing that note from Jewels. I think of her and her blessed family often. I have prayed that they have found a house to move in. What a joy that they sold their house and please tell her, "Fret not...Rest in the Lord...Be still...Delight in the Lord and He will give you the secret petitions of your heart..." Psalm 37

    Thank you again Jenny and please pass this quick note to Jewels - our prayers are with her and her family...may the move be swift and full of new experiences as they begin a wonderful, new chapter in their lives.


    Maria S
    Pennsylvania, USA

  32. Hi Little Jenny Wren, Love your dolls, so sweet for little hands. Thank you for sharing dear Jewels words with us. I pray for her family and miss her kindness, wisdom and love for simply focusing on her family. She has been an encouragement to me whenever I feel lonely in my desire to always make my Lord, hubby and children my priority. God Bless you and Jewels for your hearts to reach across the miles and into my home for my daughter
    (18) and I to enjoy. Cynthia

  33. Hello Jenny Wren,

    I haven't posted on your blog yet, but I have been lurking. Thank you for posting this note from Jewels. I miss her and her blog so much. I discovered it shortly before it closed. I am a newly married young woman expecting her first and I was so inspired by Jewels' life and example. I have often wished I could contact her to let her know how blessed I was by her posts. In particular, she shared a little about the early part of her marriage and it was so encouraging to me!!

    Also, I so enjoy the work that you do and have been inspired to try to learn doll making, as you do. I'm hoping to be able to make and/or order one of your dolls after our little one is born.



  34. You know, I used to read Jewels blog, of course until she closed it. I had not long found it before she stopped posting. I was so sad. I LOVED her blog. I had her bookmarked. Well, one day, my computer crashed and I lost all of my bookmarks. It took a month or so to get my computer back. For the life of me I couldn't remember the name of her blog, even though I knew it was closed. But I was hopeful that maybe one day she'd open it back up. I had been racking my brain trying to remember the name of it for weeks and then one night it came to me. So I googled "Eyes of Wonder" and I came across this post.

    Thank you for sharing her comment. I'll be praying for them. I'm sure they've already moved by now since it is March.

    Her blog was a real blessing to me. I'll never forget it.



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