No Longer A Boy

20 Nov 2007


What do you do when you realise...


that your first born child...


is getting ready ...


for his very last day of school...




You make sure you take some happy snaps,
wave him good bye,
wish him luck in his last exam then go inside,
pack all his books up that have taken residence on the kitchen table for the past three weeks,
take them into his bedroom and put them in a discrete pile in the corner of the room,
make his bed with fresh, clean white sheets,
do a gentle tidy and think about where the years have gone,
how far he has come
and where he might be in the future.


Remember when you were eighteen.......

26 Responses to “No Longer A Boy”

  1. Seems like a bitter sweet kind of moment. I'm not yet there with my children, and I'm not too sure how I'll feel when we do get there. Are you planning anything special to mark the occassion?

    cheers Lenny

  2. I understand completely. My oldest son graduated high school, went to university, went to further education, married, and now has children of his own. I wonder where the years went.

  3. Jenny, the years pass way too quickly. My oldest just turned 11 and I can't believe it. You have a beautiful family. Blessings to all, Tami

  4. Hi,
    Ive been reading for a while now and felt compelled to comment. That post just made me cry. I have two boys, four and one try to cherrish every moment, looking and starring at them hoping I remember certain moments, certain looks and certain charactersitics that make them, them.

  5. What a gorgeous handsome boy! I love the shoe picture. Hope all the exams went well.

  6. Time goes by so quickly....but every moment with our children are a present

  7. My daughter likes him. Please send him to Germany for a year to be our english teacher.

  8. You walk around, you sniffle and insist it's pollen allergies, you think of his stuffed animal that's probably packed away somewhere, you think of his first day of school, you sniffle some more and tell him how proud and happy you are but that you are not crying.

  9. Oh, ((Jenny))! My eldest is in his final year ... the first to graduate from our home education. I've been trying to prepare myself (emotionally) for his graduation in June. I know it's going to be a bittersweet moment. Hugs to you on this day!

  10. Oh Jenny, you made me tear up. It is amazing how swiftly the time passes by. It reminds us to cherish every moment because life does move so quickly. I can't believe that I have just turned 72 (!) and have 31 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Where did the years go ? :o) I am so glad that I was able to be home and spend the time I did with my 6 children.


    Mary L

  11. A happy-sad day!

    I'm sure he has big plans for the future.

  12. A beautiful, beautiful post, Jenny. Lovely photos. Exciting choices await Louis and the luxury of no deadlines. May he succeed and prosper whatever he chooses.

  13. Big hugs to you on such a bittersweet day!!

    Congratulations to him!

  14. Mmmm yeah... I do remember when I was 18! That was only 4 years ago, though... but I already feel a bit nostalgic. I'm glad for having walked the path I took, though.

  15. I am so happy that you posted Jewels' letter to you. I have wondered how she was and now I know things are going well for her and her family. She is such a Godly woman and I have learned so much from her since she started blogging last winter. Getting back to your post-I always tell my friends,"They grow when your not looking-blink and you just might miss it". God bless you and your family, Rose

  16. I cried for months when my baby and only son finished school and I was even worse when he got his licence. He is 20 now and a wonderful young man he is too :) I am dredding the day when he moves out of home although he informs me it won't be for 10 years!
    Congrats to Louis, I'm sure the furutre holds many adventures and opportunities.
    P.S. When I was 18 I was married with a baby and a mortgage!!

  17. Like Michelle I cried and cried.

    Jenny, unlike your dear Louis my son didn't do very well at school no matter how hard he tried and I really worried about what the future held for him.

    He is thirty four now, married, a father and flourishing in his chosen career, one none of us could have guessed he would have.

    You just never know what is ahead.

    I wish Louis all the very best as he enters the next stage of his life.

  18. Jenny, I am 'walking in your shoes' at this very moment. Yesterday marked my daughters last VCE exam and in the past month she has finished school, achieved the almighty license and wondering what the future holds for her. It seems like only last year I walked her into her prep class with her giant hat on her head and cried all the way home! I will say though, I look at her now with enormous pride at the young woman she has become. You would be doing the same, what a good looking young man you have and from all your posts a beautiful soul as well.Bless you and your family Jenny.

  19. Hi Jenny :) What a proud, glorious, heartbreaking, hopeful day! Sending you a big hug... Love, Q

  20. Gee, your post did resonate. My darling firstborn, lass who changed my life for the better, will finish school next year. Her plans aren't firm (heck, they don't need to be, really).

    The shoe photo is beautiful.

    I never want to be eighteen again, ever.

  21. How proud of him you must be. What a lovely boy.

  22. Hi Jenny, That'll be me in just a few months time at the end of our school year. The time is passing so quickly.
    Lovely photographs, both your sons are very handsome young men.

  23. I had my eldest dd finish homeschool this year and go to really felt like I'd lost a hugh part of me...but I knew it was time and she is doing well, that she still needs me is a nice thought. I just kept thinking this was just a new season of our lives and a beautiful adventure for her. Definatly pray every day for her.

    The photos are lovely. Does he have plans for what he wants to do next.

    Shelley P
    from over the pond


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