My Dolly Days

16 Nov 2007


Just so you know , in case you were wondering, I have been doing a few things other than play with dolls.

food line

This is the line up that greets me each morning as I get breakfast ready and make the school lunches. I am one of the few people I know who makes their children's( and husband's) packed school lunches. Most have passed the job on to their children but when I question them further about what goes in the lunches it is lots of those little packets of lunch box delights. You know what I mean; muesli bars, bags of chips, tiny packets of biscuits, small yoghurt containers. Not wanting to sound judgemental (but of course I do) I think that is assembling what the supermarket wants you to have for lunch rather than making lunch, it's hardly teaching someone how to make a decent lunch. All that wasteful packaging.
Instead I feel very virtuous as I wrap the filled roll, the piece of cake,some dry biscuits, some nuts and dried fruit and a piece of fresh fruit. In waxed lunch wrap of course.

After everyone heads off to school I have my breakfast, either in the sunshine or at the computer checking emails and blogs, then wash up, tidy the kitchen, sweep the floor, make the bed, wipe down the bathrooms, put on a load of washing if needed and do a general tidy.

Then it's time to settle down with my dolls. Work for a while then hang out the washing. Work some more then start the soup for tonight's tea. Work some more then make the first stage of the ice cream. Work some more , check the soup . The soup is left over lamb soup from Nourishing Traditions. It's supposed to be started the day before but the morning before will do. We are going to Kate's junior school concert tonight, Louis is home latish and Andy will be holding down the fort. Stephen is going to the concert straight from work so he will be ravenous by the time we get home. Soup is a good option when it's a busy evening.

Dad came round this afternoon while Mum went volunteer gardening so the cricket has been on all afternoon. I had lunch with Dad, churned the ice cream and popped it in the freezer. I finished two more dolls and then had the time consuming job of putting one of them in the shop.

Mary Jane 2

This is Mary Jane and she went into the shop today.

felicity 4

And this is Felicity and she went into the shop yesterday.

But of course I haven't had to give them up yet . That's the beauty of a virtual shop you get to cuddle the stock in your own home until someone decides they want to buy them.

Ballerinas 1


16 Responses to “My Dolly Days”

  1. YOur work is so beautiful! Can i contact you about a custom doll for my 2 year old?
    Love your blog - i hope to have a go at a doll myself one day.

  2. So incredibly lovely.

  3. Jenny, I loved your kitties, waiting to be fed ;)So familiar!

  4. Dear Jen, I love Mary Jane, those green eyes and red hair.I have some Irish heritage ! Your Kitties have their own little routine, I see. Your mornings seem like they are spent pretty much in the same fashion as mine. I am up a 6:00 every morning making my husbands lunch for work and seeing my son off to school.


  5. Good Morning Jenny-your 3 kitties are so cute. I have one cat and she waits for my husband to feed her. Jumps on our bed and everything! Mary Jane and Felicity are beautiful! Best friends yet? Blessings, Rose

  6. I can just see the 'judgement' on the cat's faces -- you're feeding them before us!!!

    The last cat we had was so noisy with her pestering for food each morning, I can just imagine the chorus three cats can create.

    My whole home is in need of a general tidy right now. I'm losing myself in stacks of items that need to go to three different destinations this weekend. And I never did complete last week's laundry.

    I do admire your dollies so much.

  7. Your dolls are lovely. And I echo your points about lunches too - I make my husband's lunches because I know that it's not only cheaper but the food I can give him is so much better than the stuff you can buy in the shops. Especially when it comes down to things like egg-mayo sandwiches, made with our own hens eggs!

    Have a lovely week :)

  8. Jenny,

    I started reading your blog this summer and instantly fell in love with your sweet dolls. I have been watching for just the right on for my little girl to call her own.

    I didn't plan on visiting blogs today, but I enjoy visiting your blog and Rhonda's I wanted to sneak a quick peak. I'm glad I did. Felicity is just the sweetie pie I was looking for!

    I can't wait for her to get here!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Christine & Sarah

  9. Felicity has the most beautiful hair, I am not surprised she was snapped up so quickly :) All of your dolls are so incredibly lovely :)

  10. I meant to add that I agree wholeheartedly about the lunches. I still amke my childrens (DD14 and DS11) and mine every day. I am always posting new recipe ideas on my blog for lunchbox "treats". My DS also has food allergies so can't eat a lot of prepackaged stuff full of preservatives! Home made is definitely best in my house and all my childrens friends are always asking for tastes of what they havce in their lunches. One of my DDs friends even asked if I would make lunch for her!

  11. I love your little sweeties! I understand your reluctance in allowing them to go to a new home. You have put much love into creating them, and it shows in your work! I am so glad you have made those new outfits!

  12. Hi Kylie, of course you can contact me about a custom made doll. Just email me as i have no way of contacting you.

  13. I make my husband's lunch every morning too. I haven't had to make Billy's as the preschool provides lunch.

  14. I would love to have had a red-headed doll like that one when I was little. Apart from Raggedy Ann dolls there were none in those days.

    Your boy dolls are lovely too. I might think about one for my 4 year old son.


  15. What an adorable picture of the cats waiting to be fed. The dolls are so cute.

  16. hi
    Reading through your back posts sincerely and so some questions...
    Can you click your lunch boxes and show them to us.It would be very inspiring.
    I would also love to know what you had for lunch , do you normally have sandwiches?


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