Max's doll

29 Nov 2007

Max's doll 1

This little man is off to the great Australian outback, to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to become two year Max's best friend.

Max's doll 2

Don't you love two year olds. I don't know who invented the term the terrible twos but I found my own children absolutely delightful at that age. So cute , so determined, so full of life and wonder. Just delightful.

Max's doll 3

I hope little Max enjoys his doll, gives him lots of cuddles and plenty of adventures.

There will be new dolls in the shop on the weekend.

9 Responses to “Max's doll”

  1. I love your dolls. Could you ell me how you attach the hair for small children? Jan

  2. Two year olds are fantastic.

    Three year olds are another matter entirely.

  3. I had a tougher time with my children at three than at two also.

    The little doll will bring Max lots of joy.

  4. I love two year olds. They are such cute darlings. And so full of energy, vitality, and simple happiness.

  5. I think giving a doll to a boy is such a wonderful thing. I did this with my boys and although the dolls were never called dolls, (cause I'm not a girl, mummy!) and were put aside when they went to school, I found them to be very good teaching tools. They also taught gentleness and caring and sometimes that is a difficult thing to demonstrate to young boys.

    I love ellie too, Jenny. You're doing such a great job with the dolls and I'm sure they make many children very happy.

  6. I love this doll - his hair especially - he's a surfer dude doll! He will be a great friend for Max.

  7. What a beautiful blogsite, I love your photographs and your crafts. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  8. I agree that the two's were wonderful. I found all the ages wonderful in their own way--even the teens. I noticed with our 3 sons that around their half birthdays they seemed to go through transitions and were a bit at odds with themselves for a bit; but then they seemed to become more comfortable with their new selves as their next birthday came closer. Just a maternal observation...

  9. I haven't caught up with your blog for far too long. I've had a lovely time just now (I should be working).
    Splendid dolls...I want them all!


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