Five and Two

3 Nov 2007

"This award is given to bloggers who live what they preach, who try to make changes in their own lives that they would like to see in the world."

Ok, so I have finally decided who to give this award to after it was so kindly bestowed on me by Rose some time ago. The award originated from Beansprouts blog.

The blogger who I think most deserves this award is Susan from Five and Two. Susan recycles and repurposes like crazy. She is wildly creative and it is evident in her fabulous use of colour in her home, her wonderful handmade children's clothes and her beautiful, beautiful craft work. She gardens , grows vegies, bakes, reads and creates all while bringing up five children.She is not afraid to admit that life is not always rosy and children are not always appreciative.
Best of all she likes me and I like her.

Go over and have a look round, she has a lovely welcoming home , full of life and energy.

4 Responses to “Five and Two”

  1. Dear Jenny-I will take a look at her post. I love to make children's clothes also. It sounds like she has a very inspiring blog. Thank you for all your beautiful photo's of your tree planting. Rose

  2. congratulations Susan. A well deserved award, I'd say. I haven't been to visit regularly but when I do, I always enjoy it there.

  3. you certainly do deserve that award, Congrats !

  4. Hi Jenny :) I enjoyed a visit to Susan's journal and will be returning. How creative she is! Thanks for the recommendation, and congratulations to Susan. Have a lovely week! Love, Q


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