22 Nov 2007


Just in case you are curious, I will be restocking my shop over the next couple of days, starting this afternoon Australian time.


I have some cushion dolls and some more Sweet Hearts to go in the store.

Jenny and Susie

These are pictures of dolls I made earlier in the year. I'll post pictures of the new dolls as soon as I can so my blog friends will get a preview .


And I'll try to do a proper post as soon as I am able. I have lots of custom orders to get ready for Christmas as well as a home and family to care for so I am quite busy at the moment, in a nice way of course. Who could ever complain about being forced to play with dolls for half the day.

Thanks again to everyone who supported my shop by visiting to have a look and most wonderful of all by buying one of my dolls. It's such an exciting thing to have people enjoy your work so much that they are willing to part with their hard earned cash.

Also thank you for all your tender and complimentary comments on my last post.

3 Responses to “Curious?”

  1. Jenny, visiting you is always such a pleasure. I love your dolls. If the Lord blesses me with children, I'd love to get something like this for them.

  2. Hello Jenny, I'm sure the dolls will quickly go to their new homes. Take care of yourself dear, it's a very busy time of year. And congratulations to your son. He looks like a fine young man.

  3. Hip-hip-hurrah for Lewis! I bet he is relieved to be done with school, and I wish him a wonderful future.

    Best wishes,

    Anna Marie


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