Action Stations

13 Nov 2007

emergency shortbread

It was time for
emergency melt and mix shortbread this morning. Four lunches to make and not a cake, biscuit or treat of any description to go in with the obligatory filled roll, fruit, nuts and dry biscuits.

It was action stations here this morning as Stephen was up and about early to continue the saga of the car repairs before he headed off to work on his bike.
Louis' first exam is today so new batteries had to be installed in his super dooper calculator and his bag was carefully packed with all his necessary gear including the all important slip of pink paper, his entry ticket to the exam.
Kate had a dress up day at school which necessitated a special hair do with half her hair in a pig tail and the other side braided with different coloured fabric strips.
Andy just had to make sure he had all his sports gear and keep the others in line so they didn't miss the bus.

grassroots dolls

My work for today is to get all these darlings dressed and ready to fly up to Armidale, hopefully to be bought as Christmas presents. They really are a sweet bunch and I'm trying to make a twin of each one so they can go into my etsy store and maybe keep one for myself. They are 12" dolls and I love this size, they feel full of energy like a three year old child. The bigger dolls that I make are wonderful to cuddle but these little ones just look and feel like mischief.

I should have the day clear to just concentrate on the dolls as the housework and washing are up to date, I don't have to go anywhere and I'm not expecting any visitors.

Do you realise its only six weeks till Christmas? That means it's only four weeks till school finishes and the long summer holiday begins. I have done some Christmas present making though for me a lot will happen in early December when the dolls are all done. I've made my brothers knitted Santa hat and some large felt ornaments plus some other bits and bobs are cut out and waiting and still others are ideas biding their time somewhere in the back of my brain.

Deb gave a link to a wonderful site that has a different theme of Christmas gifts to make for each day of November. There are some terrific ideas if you looking for inspiration. Oh and of course I have to stitch up my swap apron.

Christmas heart

9 Responses to “Action Stations”

  1. I hope Louis' exam went well.

    I've just printed out your emergency shortbread recipe - it soubds delicious!

  2. I too have printed out the shortbread recipe as well as the chocolate cake - I love foolproof easy recipes. Thanks Jenny!

  3. Hey Jenny. Not much on my mind now - but as always, I enjoyed visiting your blog!

  4. just caught up on your blog, can't believe yesterday I only saw the recipe site, so silly. I did print it they sound yummmmmy. I lvoed your Pinny, I think I would have taken your sisters comments as a compliment too. what a darling pattern that is. Thanks for sharing your bright summer sunshine with us. Snows not in the distant future here in the MidWest USA.

  5. I just adore your little dolls. They are simple and peaceful yet interesting reminding me of a couple of dolls I had when I was a little girl.

  6. Shortbread sound delicious, I will certainly give them a try.
    Im just about to post a photo on my blog of a little knitted jumper you may or may not have seen before.
    Take care, hope rest of exams go well.

  7. I just love the basket full of all those adorable dolls ! Your dolls have so much personality and all the different hair styles just add to the unique look of each doll. Such a cute outfit on the curly haired one.


    Mary L

  8. Love the dolls! All the different hairstyles, beautiful!

  9. Oh, Jenny, do make some twins of those darling dollies to sell!
    I have five daughters and one grand-daughter and your dolls would be perfect Christmas gifts...they have such a lovely, classic look.

    Watching and hoping,
    Robin H.


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