Thursday blessing

18 Oct 2007

clean kitchen

Thursday , the day I give the kitchen the once over ready for food shopping later in the day. The day I pay bills and take care of the household paperwork. The day I work out the rough meal plan for the week and the shopping list. When the kitchen is done, a small bunch of spring flowers and colourful candles bless the work I've done and let me say "I'm finished".

It's been a funny old week with me still feeling a little itchy and scratchy, not quite settled. Something is brewing, but I'm feeling the need to be more organised and finish things off so I can move onto new projects. It must be spring.

the borrowers 1970 edition

I had a quick visit to the op shop yesterday, they have had a clean out and change around too. I found my most favourite book from primary school and it is the same edition I read all the way back then with the same lovely illustrations.

the borrowers end paper

So many wonderful memories of my imagination going into overdrive about what might be below the floorboards.

the borrowers illustration 1

Surely that's where all those missing little bits and pieces go, down to the borrowers to be used for all kinds of marvellous things.

the borrowers illustration 2

I so wanted to be able to shrink down and join them in their secret world.


The garden is going through a blue and purple phase at the moment, so calming and peaceful set against a background of all that wonderful green.


And at the end of my morning's work a calming and peaceful cup of peppermint tea from freshly picked back garden peppermint and sweetened with a spoonful of Tasmanian honey.

peppermint tea and honey

13 Responses to “Thursday blessing”

  1. Love the blue and purple award is waiting on my blog for u!!!!

  2. Jenny, pop over to my blog and you will see that I wrote about "The Borrowers" yesterday. My childhood favorite also. What I treasured find, I will have to keep my eyes open around here for a copy. Have a blessed Thursday. With love, Tami

  3. I re-read The Borrowers this summer. It makes me look at my garden differently, thinking what it looks like from ground level.

  4. Jenny, visiting you was a pleasure, as always! I love your garden. It feels as though I took a walk with you!

  5. Jenny, that tea sounds lovely! Have a blessed day :) Love, Q

  6. I love the view from the the other side of the world this time of year. It is coming to winter here and your stepping through to spring! Thank you for sharing you Thusday blessings. I will have to check out the borrowers, I confess I have never read it. ( shame faced
    here how could I have missed it)

  7. That was one of my favourite books from childhood too, Jenny. I think I'll have to read it again. Your edition is lovely.

  8. Your iris' are beautiful!! What are those wonderful small flowers in the picture above the iris?


  9. Hello Jenny, I so love visiting you. You always leave me with a sense of clam and peacefulness. The table setting of the candles and lovely flowers is so sweet.


  10. For years I´m looking for a special childhood book but I cant remember the title. It will be a special moment when I can find it.

  11. I loved the borrowers, there was a series on the BBC which went on for a long time, on Sunday afternoons which we watched religiously and loved completely. It was magical - why the BBC doesn't do more like it I have no idea!

    The borage is delightful, we've still got a little left here, but everything's succumbing to the frost and cold finally.

    Enjoy the book and a peaceful weekend!

  12. Oh my gosh that must be the version I read too as I remember the cover and illustrations so well. Infact, I get collywobbles when I read the same book now that I read as a child - I can almost feel the same feelings as I look at the pictures. Anyway, great find ...

  13. I love the quilt on the table, the Borrowers book and the spoon!
    I've never read the Borrowers, what a pity I didn't know the book as a child. I would have loved it so much!


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