Sunny dreaming

10 Oct 2007

window seat

By two o'clock this afternoon I was dreaming about this place, the sunny window seat. A cup of tea; some books , well used so they fall open at a page and don't need to be held; sunshine; plenty of cushions and my knitting. The stuff of dreams.


Instead I was at Kate's running sports: beautiful spring weather, not a breath of wind, mild sunshine, happy children, lots of fun, plenty of effort, parents to chat to, people to watch. Best of all Kate's elation at winning not one but two running races for the first time in her life, physical exertion followed by a taste of success... heady stuff.

By two o'clock though my back was aching from the uncomfortable seats and visions of the comforts of home kept flashing through my head.
I did eventually make it after a detour through the countryside with the kind friend who gave me a lift , closely followed by Kate on the school bus who couldn't wait to ring her dad and tell him all about her day.

front path

The window seat is one of the best things Stephen ever built in this house. At this time of year there is sunshine there all day long, a perfect spot for a casual breakfast, a midmorning chat and coffee, a book and lunchtime sandwich, afternoon tea and knitting. Its even used after dinner now that we are in daylight savings time , its lovely to look out at the garden as the twilight makes all the pale colours appear luminous.

13 Responses to “Sunny dreaming”

  1. It looks wonderfully relaxing there on your window seat!

  2. I want a window seat like yours!
    Congratulations to your daughter.

  3. Jenny you and I have very simular dreams. Clarice

  4. That window seat simply begs you to sit down with a good book and a cup of tea! How lucky that it is yours! :)

  5. Every house should have a window seat and yours looks perfect!

  6. Ah Jenny. I feel like I'd like to join you there on the window seat with a good book and some knitting or cross stitch!

  7. Jenny, you have truly created a wonderful "nest".

  8. I think I could live in your window seat--what a fantastic part of your home.


  9. Well done Kate. A little bit of success occasionally does wonders for the spirit.

    That window seat looks devine. I wish that I had a sunny spot to sit, but alas I have to go to the veranda which at this time of the year isn't always pleasant.

    cheers Lenny

  10. Hi Jenny :) What a lovely spot! It makes me think of several of my favorite books, some tiny white twinkle lights, an aromatic, toasty drink... Blessings! Q

  11. A quick note to say I enjoy your blog. It's fun to see such a sunny warm window when I'm digging in cold dirt planting bulbs!


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