Special Delivery

5 Oct 2007

Shari's doll 6

I have been working like a crazed woman to have this doll finished by today.

Shari's doll 4

She was a special order for a child at school, a friend of Kate's and, in my typical fashion, I said yes, I can have her finished by the 5th October even though I have four million other dolls to finish.

Detail of shirt embroidery

She wanted a little heart embroidered on the blouse, no knitted cardigan or jumper, not my usual thing at all.

Shari's doll 2

I think she turned out very well, in fact I love her sweet face and sunkissed hair.She is a wonderful cuddle. I'm very glad I got to make her even though it put me a little behind with my other orders. They will go off early next week instead of today.

cut out dress

And Kate's dress is cut out and waiting patiently for the weekend to be put together. I usually do my sewing on Wednesdays and Saturdays, otherwise things never get done.

18 Responses to “Special Delivery”

  1. She's lovely! I love her hair especially and her pretty skirt - you are so very clever!

  2. Oh Jenny, she is adorable! I think the little girl will be quite impressed.


  3. Jenny, you are so creative! The doll is beautiful!


  4. She is absolutely beautiful. I think this one appeals to me more than all your other beautiful dolls
    there's just something so sweet about her!

  5. She is gorgeous Jenny, especially her hair. Me thinks I'm gonna have to get myself one of your creations.

    cheers Lenny

  6. She is a sweetheart, Jenny! What a lovely gift you have :) Love to you! Q

  7. Hi Jenny
    She is a different doll to your usual style, I think she is lovely.

  8. Her hair is particularly beautiful!

  9. Hi Jenny, what a lovely little creation . She is so sweet! I love visiting you. Your post are always so pleasant.
    Blessings, Shelley

  10. The older I get the more I appreciate handcrafted works of art...which your dolls most definitely ARE! Bravo! Bravo!

  11. She looks lovely and very cuddly indeed!

  12. The skirt and blouse on the dolly are just perfect for her. She will be loved I am sure.

  13. OK, that's it! I HAVE to have one of your dolls! I don't have any daughters to give me excuse for buying one---so I guess I'll just have to admit that it'll be mine---ALL mine!!

  14. The hair is truly lovely... what a great idea. And the clothes are cute too. I have been saving old linens and things because I want to make a brother sister pair for me.. in my second childhood... and I think my niece will be ready for a dress up doll in the next year or so. When you knit things for the dolls, do you follow a pattern, or just make it up as you go? I have lots of clothes patterns, but nothing for knitting.

  15. I love her hair Jenny. It's absolutely beautiful.

  16. Dear Jenny,

    It's not oct,2007! I just love reading your posts, and going back in time with you!
    The doll, looks beautiful! Simple, fine and sweet :)



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