Simple Beauty

23 Oct 2007

decorated blackwood tree 2

On Sunday Kate and her friends played a series of long involved games in the back garden. They played all day stopping only briefly for food and drinks, occasionally dashing into her bedroom for more props for whatever the game was. Perhaps there was only one game that took various twists and turns.

decorated blackwood 3

The result of their day's play was a beautifully decorated blackwood tree.

Like a kind old grandfather this gnarled and craggy veteran allowed himself to bedecked with posies of spring flowers.

decorated blackwood 1

He kept secrets about the long involved meanderings of the game. He stood strong as he always does and has for at least two maybe three generations of children born in this house who have grown to love him.

He has his own blossoms in early spring, high up at the tips of his branches small soft pale yellow fuzzy acacia balls attract bees and other buzzy creatures followed by birds large and small. The birds spend many hours in all seasons searching the rugged bark for insects. Spiders love to build webs on him in the autumn and the cats sleep in the old tree house platform in the early morning sun and the cool afternoon shade in the summer time.

Remember when you played all day in a neverending game that seemed so important but that game , that exact game could never be played again because it relied on the spirit of the day, the weather, the flowers, the days that had gone before and the dreams of the players , and all those things would never be in the same again , not ever the same .

Living in the moment, letting life take its twist and turns, living with childlike innocence and trust, seeing what is around you in all its simple beauty and soaking it up.

mosaic 1

3 Responses to “Simple Beauty”

  1. Thank you for the "visit" back to those "days", the ones *I* spent...happy times!


  2. Jenny, what an inspiring post! Thank you. It does sound like a lovely day.

  3. Hi Jenny, I really enjoyed your post today. What nice photos! Thank you for visiting my blog. I just started and it's quite complicated because I have never really used the computer before this. Blessings, Rose


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