Totally Random

30 Oct 2007

tuesday 2

I have been tagged by Angelika to share with you eight random facts about me. So here goes:

1. I spent half an hour in town waiting for my eldest son this afternoon all the while slowly texting him with my magnificent texting skills ," where are you", over and over. I was being watched by many teenagers texting at the speed of light. He never turned up.

2. As I was leaving the meeting place after my texting session I was enthusiastically greeted by younger son who popped out of nowhere and we walked off together to meet Stephen.

3. Yesterday I dressed Louis up as an Emo, today he went off to school as a school girl( see the last picture) and tomorrow I have to help him dress as a super hero, Garbageman. It's for Valedictory week and no, I don't know why.

4. I found myself talking to Kate's pet goldfish this morning. He really is quite cute for a fish.

5. I had pasta for lunch ( leftovers) and then I had pasta for dinner. We also had pasta on Saturday and last Thursday so that is probably enough carbo loading for a while.

6. I love my life.

7. My oldest child is about to finish his schooling and I can't believe I have a child that age.

8. I have made six doll heads today.

There ,wasn't that interesting? Now if you want to have a go consider yourself tagged.

tuesday 3

When I walked into the playroom this morning I looked towards Kate's room, often the site of a horrible mess and instead was greeted with this little vignette. This big old dollie was mine when I was a girl. She stands about 2 1/2 feet high and has truly tragic hair. It was originally curly but I gave her a bath once and put her head too close to the fire to help her dry and her hair melted. Since then, about forty years ago, it has resembled steel wool.

Kate's room is truly the tiniest room you have ever seen. Behind the door is her bed, there is a big bookcase on the wall and a tiny bit of clothes hanging space under the shelves. It is a constant struggle for her to keep it tidy as she is a natural hoarder and also loves arranging displays of pretty things.

tuesday 1

The old doll is dressed in some of my old baby clothes and some of Kate's. The poor thing has no heels because her legs used to hang out of the pusher when I played with her and her heels dragged on the ground as I pushed her around the garden and wore the plastic away. Still she has been well loved in spite of her deficiencies and has managed to last into a second generation.

I love seeing my old things finding a new life, well I love most old things being given another chance to bring pleasure to a new generation. That's the attraction of op shops ( opportunity shops / thrift shops/goodwill shops) I guess. All those things that people once loved as well as the unlovable sitting there waiting for someone to come along and give them a second look, pick them up, think about it a bit and then carry them off for a whole new adventure. Just really ordinary things that in their time weren't exceptional and may well be discarded again but for a time will bring pleasure to the lucky person who found them.

I leave with a picture of Louis or is that Louise heading off for another day at school, only three more to go. Yes it is a wig.

tuesday 4

6 Responses to “Totally Random”

  1. Hello Jenny, I really enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing! How sweet that your Kate is being Mommy to your baby doll now. Her little room is sweet . My son has a tiny room as well, he has been in there since he was 1yrs. old. He is 15 now and I don't venture in there much anymore.It's kind of scary. I kept it sweet when he was little , all western with little cowboy things. Oh well, sweet remembance ! Your son makes a cute little school girl. Today is cowboy day at my son's school.
    Thanks for sharing your home with us,


  2. It's so sweet to see your childhood doll is still being played with.

  3. Jenny, You captured the image of Kate's room so beautifully. What a gorgeous photograph. I also love thrift shopping for many of the same reasons you do. There is something so rewarding about rescuing an old item and giving it a new life. Louis(e) is quite a looker! Blessings to you, Tami

  4. Jenny, my old room was also tiny, but I sort of miss it... it was so cozy... of course my current room is very pretty and spacious, but there's something about small rooms!

  5. Jenny, my daughter also finished school last week (I still think of myself as 25!) and yesterday achieved the ultimate teenage dream and passed her drivers license. I feel today as though I have stepped into a new phase as she asserts her new found freedom. Almost a sense of loss. How I would like to travel back in time, and be walking her into school for her first day of prep. I hope that Louis has a great week and he makes a great looking girl!

  6. Can so related to Nos. 1, 6 & 7. Geesh. Where HAS the time gone! Love the photo of your daughter off to school. Fabulous!


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