Pretty things

6 Oct 2007

Yesterday afternoon when I wasn't opening presents from the US filled with beautiful linen from Cheryl...

I was sitting on the couch knitting doll underwear...

reading through one or two of my inspiration books...

while my dad slept in the chair by the fire, his regular Friday afternoon visit.

We also had scones and jam and cream supplied by my mum while she went off to her volunteer gardening. It's a tough life.

This beautiful book is by an English woman, Caroline Zoob.

She lives in National Trust house with her husband, I vaguely remember the house is something to do with Virginia Woolf.

I borrowed this book many times from the library having seen Caroline's lovely embroidery work in the English Country Living magazine.

When I had some birthday money looking for a job I bought the book for myself.

It is such a peaceful and inspirational book to read if you are at all interested in needlecraft.

She seems to have a true love of childhood in all its simplicity.

This year's birthday money bought this book which I know I saw on someone's blog with it's original title "Tildas Hus".

Written by a Norwegian woman Tone Finnanger it is a series of very pretty projects.

I especially like her dolls and cats and I intend to make myself a bathroom lovely as soon as I make the time.

Happy Weekend.

10 Responses to “Pretty things”

  1. I've been to the Caroline/Virginia house. I am a mad reader of the Woolf books.

    Jenny those other books are sublime. I am going to look for them at my local library or order them in.

    I love those little pink shoes. And the women in the bathrobe, she's divine. There are so many talented women around. I am in awe.

    Cheryl's stitchery and napkins are so lovely. Lucky you! And I had a nice picture of your dad asleep in front of the fire. That brings back wonderful memories for me. Thank you for this great post. : )

  2. Hi Jenny,

    It's 5:00 am here, and I'm reading your beautiful blog, rather than doing the homework I got up so early to do. Well worth the time. I love your pretty doll - someone is a very lucky little girl. I've also enjoyed reading your gorgeous books over your shoulder!

  3. What a cozy Friday afternoon! I am envious!

    NO change in season for us here though...instead of getting the firewood in for those first cool evenings, it will be record breaking heat the next few days!!! HEAT! It is Autumn!

  4. How sweet of Cheryl and what a lovely dishtowel and fabric. Clarice

  5. Dear Jenny. Thank you for this delightful post today, pink and gentle. Loved the link to the Monk's House article, a lovely story. Mmmm, would love one of your mum's scones with jam - what a wonderful thoughtful mother.


  6. Jenny, I always receive the best book recommendations from you. I just picked up "Handknit Holidays" from the library the other day. Just a beautiful book. Blessings to you, Tami

  7. Thank you for sharing all this loveliness with us!

  8. I love this books..Tilda dolls are so beautiful.
    Cheryl's stitchery is so lovely. What a lucky woman you are.
    Thank you for this great post

  9. Jenny, I just discovered your blog today. My grandmother was born in 1898 and always referred to the bird as "Little Jenny Wren". She had a birdhouse just outside her backporch and it was a BIG day when the fledglings left the nest. Your blog brought back these warm memories.

    Your dolls and handwork are beautiful and reminiscent of a more gentle world.


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