Potting bench

2 Oct 2007

transplant shocked tomatoes

I finally transplanted my tomato seedlings today, that's why they're looking a bit droopy, transplant shock. I'm following Rhonda's advice to pot them on a couple of times before they go in the garden. It's not safe for them to be in the wide open spaces yet anyway as there is still the chance of frost.

tidy potting bench

They are sitting on my potting bench around the side of the house in a protected spot. I finally tidied all the mess off it so I could start using it again. My dad built it for me years ago out of some shop fittings he recycled and it has stood up to the weather quite well.

aroung the side

All the while I was fiddling around out there Maggie was leaping around on the other side of the gate like she was in the cat olympics. I didn't realise what she was up to until she came close...

Maggie and the rat

can you see it? It's a little rat. It was quite dead, I don't know if she caught it or found it .

below the potting bench with the spiders

Anyway, my tidying didn't extend to under the potting bench; a place of spiders and plastic pots and lots of cobwebs. Ick!

concrete and columbines

Don't you love the way little plants pop up in the cracks in the concrete. This is a columbine, most likely white. They are self seeded all down this side of the house and they are so healthy. That's a forget-me-not beside it.

spring fabric

I had to go into town today as well because I needed some yarn for doll's hair and I wanted to check out the fabric and patterns to find something for Kate. We are in crisis with her clothes as she has grown much taller over the winter and is changing shape ready to grow even taller and eventually start to get those feminine curves. So things don't fit.

new patterns

I managed to find these patterns, two of which were on special. She wants the green embroidered fabric to be made into the McCalls dress, the floral is to be used for the princess line dress on the left and the red and white fabric will probably be the McCalls pattern as well. The other Kwik Sew pattern needs stretch fabric and I didn't find anything I particularly liked.

vintage sewing book

I also found this dear little sewing book from the seventies at the op shop, the cover colours go so nicely with the fabrics I bought, don't you think. I'm not sure whether to keep the book or pass it on. I dropped into the library too and picked up my copy of Erika Knight's Classic Knits and the Mrs Miniver DVD to watch while I'm making all these dolls.

So another day of dolls, gardening, housework and fun. Spanish omelette and home made ice cream for tea and off to a concert at school to hear Andy play his trumpet and Louis play his trombone.

bluebells 3

I leave you with a picture of a poppy blowing in the wind, very artistic. By the way if you click on any of my photos it will take you to my Flickr place, if you then click on All Sizes you can see an enlarged version of the picture.

13 Responses to “Potting bench”

  1. Jenny, Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your spring flowers are beautiful! Mrs. Miniver must be a good movie, I'll have to see if I can find a copy to watch. I'm anxious to see your new sewing creations. Gail

  2. I love your potting bench!

    What fun shopping and sewing for Kate!! Be sure to show us the finished product!! I love seeing what Mothers make for their children!

  3. Your garden will help me make it through to our spring. Just this morning, I pulled out all of the old mostly dead tomato plants. I pulled two bowls of green ones that the worms hadn't nibbled on.

  4. Thank you for sharing this lovely, sunny day, Jenny. It looks so beautiful (though I feel sorry for the poor little rat...)

  5. It does seem strange to me to log onto someones' blog and they are talking about Spring...until that is I realise you are the other side of the world! Here in Leicestershire, England, it is Very early Autumn, anothe r favourite time of the year for me.
    Your cat is beautiful! I have four 'moggies', all totally different characters. Thank you for sharing your garden with us, I look forward to the progress shots of your tomatoes, as mine are just about finished.

    Sandie (Sandie's Patch)

  6. Jenny, your day sounds beautiful, can't wait to see your sewing creations.

  7. It is so wonderful to see your garden come alive. Mine is now been put to rest, we are entering the fall and then winter will be upon us. Is your cat a Burman? She looks a lot like mine.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your potting up bench and shelves ~ I have on old sink attached to the wall outside by the tap but it doesn't quite look the same!

  9. Dear Jenny, your photos are wonderful. I especially love the photo of your cat with her *prize*. Ours leaves little gifts for us at the front door - a surprise to us and our guests. The fabric you bought for Kate is adorable and she will look so sweet and lovely in the dresses when they are made up.
    Thanks for sharing the photos of where you do your gardening. How lovely for you being able to work at a bench made by your dad and having beautiful memories while you work. Have a great day. Mrs MacKenzie

  10. I love forget-me-knots, I'm really jealous they just pop up there. Columbines - they are granny's bonnets? - are my second favourites. Jenny, with your tomatoes, you can pinch off those bottom leaves and next time you transplant, bury them down to those leaf nodes. The plant will develop extra roots and give you more tomatoes.

  11. I like the potting bench, certainly beats kneeling on the patio which is how I work!

  12. So funny to think of you planting your tomatoes and me pulling mine up and composting what's left. Lovely to see your sunshine but I am a little hysterical at the rat!!

  13. Your potting bench looks like the perfect place to do all of those fiddly pricking-out operations. I'm currently relegated to using the top of our wheelie-bins - not ideal! I think if I batt my eyes enough at Mr. VP he might oblige!


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