Operation Christmas Child

24 Oct 2007

operation Christmas child 3

Last night I had to make an emergency doll. Luckily I had a head made and a body sewn so it was just a matter of stuffing the doll, stitching her together and then finishing her off with face and hair and clothes. A late night and an early morning later and she was ready to go to school with Louis. No Louis is not regressing with the strain of year 12 studies. The school is collecting gift items to fill shoe boxes to support Operation Christmas Child.

On Sunday I made and filled a marbles bag to send along as he thought they were filling a box for a 10 - 14 year old boy. He mentioned the doll to the supervising teacher and she thought they would do another box for a girl.

It is such a wonderful scheme that I'm sure brings a little happiness to many children whose lives have been affected by war, poverty, famine or natural disasters. Australian boxes go to the south east Asian region. Louis said their school's gifts are going to Vietnam.

The list of gift ideas is a good guide for our own children's Christmas presents:

Something to love:
teddy bear, doll soft toy, etc.

Something to play with:
tennis ball, trucks and cars, finger puppet, jigsaw,yo-yo, building blocks, mouth organ, skipping rope, marbles, sunglasses, bangles, necklaces, etc.

Something to write or draw with:
coloured pencils, crayons, pens, pencils, chalk, pencil case, colouring book, note pad, stickers, puzzle book, activity book, etc.

Something for personal hygiene:
toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, comb, hair clips, scrunchies, soap, face washer, etc.

Something to chew or eat:
wrapped lollies.

Something to wear:
t-shirt, underwear, beanie, sandals, etc.

The gifts are for children from new born to age 14 . I believe it is not too late to make up a box of your own to send and there are drop off places all over the country. Go to their website and read all about their work. It seems to be a very hard working and worthwhile organisation.

It really is a gift that gives twice or more because Louis really seems to have enjoyed finding and organising things to go in the boxes, I certainly enjoyed making this dear little doll and hopefully the children who receive them will enjoy playing with and using and eating and wearing the treasures in their shoe box.

Operation Christmas child 2

14 Responses to “Operation Christmas Child”

  1. Jenny, our church completed this last Sunday and 345 boxes were presented. How lucky the child will be, who receives one of your beautiful dolls. It is such a fantastic concept and I encourage everyone to take part. If you get to see the video of when these boxes are distributed, I am sure your heart will be well and truly warmed.

  2. Our church does something very similar for preschool children in the Philippines.
    By the way, I love your new music.....makes me think of a certain amazing lady :~)
    Blessings to you and your family, Tami

  3. The doll turned out SO cute and I love that you made her look Asian. Some little girl is going to really love her!

    Our church did the boxes for a year or two and our children loved helping pick out the gifts to go in the boxes. Now our church collects unwrapped new gifts for children. They are taken to a nearby women's prison and the inmates can choose free gifts to give to their own children. Otherwise the women would have no way to get anything to give to their children who often come to visit their Moms on Christmas day or during the Christmas holidays from school.The Moms are thrilled to be able to give their children a gift.

  4. Some lucky little girl will treasure her!

  5. What a nice project...and what a perfect doll!

  6. Jenny, it was so sweet of you. Bless you.

  7. That is such a sweet doll and a wonderful project!
    I just stumbled upon your blog and plan to now read through! You have such lovely photos.

  8. Jenny, she's a very pretty doll. I'm sure any little girl would love to be her mumma. We do a similar thing to this at our Neighbourhood Centre. Last year we had a little 6 year old girl, just about to start school, ask for a school uniform. So sad. We gave her two uniforms and some books.

  9. This is a wonderful and worthy project. Our family has also taken part in years past. Thanks for the reminder.


  10. Our church is doing this also.What a beautiful doll. That will amke somones Christmas very special. Mary

  11. My daughter's school does this, but I had to buy a doll. Maybe next year I'll be able to make one instead! I'm going to suggest that our church does this too.

  12. Jenny, the doll is just beautiful, I bet the little girl will just love it. What a wonderful way to bless a sweet child:-)


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