Normal service resumes

17 Oct 2007

Sunny corner for morning tea and some knitting

Well I'm feeling almost back to normal today, at least I'm doing the things I set out to do and enjoying them. Thanks for all your wonderful comments and advice. Once I had made tea and everyone was home yesterday I felt as though I regained my direction and even stayed up late due to a burst of energy and focus. I remember another time about four years ago when I felt edgy, though not quite the same as yesterday. Things that normally gave me pleasure; favourite books, flowers, colours, music, all seemed ho hum. It lasted for several months and then just evaporated but quite soon after things began to change, my outlook on parts of my life had shifted a little. I didn't try to make changes or analyse but just went with the flow and change found me. It was ultimately a pleasant experience though I think it may have been more difficult if I had struggled against it.

I've just had my morning tea in a sunny corner of the bedroom. I gave the room its regular fortnightly going over this morning finishing it off with fresh flowers. I had a wonderful phone call with a far away dear, dear friend and then settled down with my morning tea and one or two cats. I'll head back there soon and stay while the sun lasts. I have some hand sewing to do and the light there is good. The birds in the trees outside the window have set up a chirping competition which is keeping the cats entertained.

Tonight Kate has a mini concert at school where she will be playing her violin. All the children who want to participate are encouraged to join in so the items vary from quite difficult violin or piano pieces to shy little voices singing and tiny little four bar piano solos played at high speed and finished with a quick bow before the last note has been struck. The whole thing never lasts more than an hour which is just as well because they are always held just before dinner time.

Kate from Our Red House asked about the tea cosy in yesterday's post. I didn't make it myself, I found it at the op shop all dirty and unloved pushed down behind some pots and pans. I washed it carefully and it is now the beauty it was meant to be. All yesterday's pictures are from old posts so you may have seen them before.

4 Responses to “Normal service resumes”

  1. Oh that looks like such a nice place to sit and sew - lucky you!

  2. Jenny, I forgot to ask you if you received the email I sent you last week? It had an attachment so I hope it went through. Blessings,Tami

  3. I'm not sure what is worse, being of track. Or trying to figure out WHY it happened in the first place. For me the comfort of family surrounding me, lends a focus to most situations. I like your corner. I have tired & tried to fit a chair in to my room but no luck so far, your spot is very nice.


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