More dolls

25 Oct 2007

dragonfly order 4

More dolls finished and on their way.

dragonfly order 3

I don't usually do girl dolls in trousers but Kate insisted that this little one needed jeans, they rather big and baggy though.

dragonfly order 1

You can't beat a bit of cable in a classic plain jumper.

dragonfly order 2

These three bag dolls plus three tiny dolls complete the order that
Linda has been patiently waiting for. You will be able to find them soon at Dragonfly Toys.

7 Responses to “More dolls”

  1. you are so talented ~ all of your dolls are gorgeous and I absolutely love the hair of the doll in the blue jumper.....

  2. Jenny, those dolls are lovely.

    What is the music you have playing on your site? It was on Jewel's site too, wasn't it? It is just so relaxing and soothing; I'd love it for my own music collection.

  3. So pretty. I wonder, where did you learn to make them? (Though I'll understand if that's a professional secret).

    I hacked the music on your sidebar and created a playlist for my own enjoyment ;) I remembered the music but not the artist's name - now I can listen to it as much as I like on Sonific!

  4. Oh that curly headed one is such a character! Lovely

  5. The dolls are so sweet. I especially like the one with the red sweater, with the cable, and her adorable blond hair with the pony tail. You get the hair edge so even !

    Mary L

  6. Hi Jen, I love your dolls ! They are just adorable. The music makes me homesick to visit Jewel.Please, tell her hello for me. If you have excess to her blog ! Thank you for sharing such wonderful things with us.


  7. Jenny~

    You do such a good job with these dolls. I wish there was a pattern! I love making dolls also and my girls really like seeing doll making in progress.



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