living my day

27 Oct 2007

friday 4

I had such a lovely day yesterday. From the outside I'm sure it appeared completely normal but inside my head and heart it was wonderful. Partly it was the euphoria of having packed up and posted off a doll order. So satisfying to be able to cross off a job well done and move on to the next task. But it was more than that, I was strongly aware that I was truly living in the moment.

Friday 2

As I sat on the window seat with the morning sun streaming in I could hear so many different birds twittering away, the occasional car went past and Maggie was by my side quietly purring. I was knitting little doll hats so my box of 4ply yarn was at my feet ,not too much of a tangled mess and full of memories as much of the wool is left over bits and pieces from knitting I did for my own babies. The box that the wool sits in has been used as a scratching post for Maggie and her babies and with its lid on has been the scene of many feline frolics to see who could be the king of the castle.

Friday 3

My mind was gently wandering but I wasn't worrying about anything in the past or fussing about things I needed to do. When the time was right I would go out to the kitchen and make some bread ready for when the troops arrived home from another day at school. I had bought some homemade raspberry jam from the CWA earlier in the week and I promised Kate bread and jam and cream for afternoon tea. I had done my morning housework before I sat down although my bed was left unmade to air before I made it up with clean fresh sheets. I had planted the last of the groundcover cuttings in the garden and picked some flowers. Truly it was bliss. In reality I was just sitting on the windowseat knitting but I was really there.

Friday 1

By lunchtime the day had changed. the skies were growing dark with much needed rain on the way. Dad arrived for the afternoon and while he slept in the loungeroom in his chair by the unlit fire, I busied myself in the kitchen with the bread. And then there was the time and inclination to finally finish Kate's dress that has been pushed to the side by more urgent jobs. I whizzed through it and now I just have to do the hem and the buttons. My machine has decided that button holes are not its thing, it will do one well and for the others it does variations of hopeless. Perhaps I'll use some white poppers instead.

Friday 5

The afternoon passed with the bread being baked and set to cool, Dad waking and wandering around in the garden, numerous phone calls from Stephen needing me to write various emails concerning parts for the car and the sewing machine happy to be whirring away as long as I didn't mention the word "buttonhole". I lit some candles and put them on top of the unlit wood fire in the kitchen to make things feel cosy as the heavens opened and we had a little rain, at last.

When everyone arrived home it was decided afternoon tea would be the goodies that Gran sent round but that was fine, the bread could wait. We had a special tea to celebrate Louis' fine academic achievement this year which was recognised at school this week with him being awarded an academic blue, signifying excellent academic performance across all his subjects. Only three awards were given and his was thoroughly deserved , he has worked so hard this year, all through his school years.
Stephen arrived home with a bottle of bubbly to add to our celebration tea and Louis felt suitably honoured.

You see nothing outstanding happened in the day, apart from dinner but it felt like a day well lived. There was no fussing about what needed to be done, things were done and enjoyed , there was a pleasing rhythm to the day.
I was living my day.

11 Responses to “living my day”

  1. Oh, wow...that was an ideal day. The ordinary is always what is extraordinary, don't you think?

  2. Ooh, I *love* those sorts of days.

    I am so glad you got some rain. My garden makes me want to cry at the moment.

    Congratulations to Louis on his academic achievements. He sounds a very talented and hardworking boy.

  3. What a day you had. I have days like that. Everything seems so at piece. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a perfect day. Love the dress you made !!! Clarice

  5. oh I'm envious what a lovely day. I'm still learning to be in the moment and for me it's a challenging lesson.

    Well done to Louis. :)

    cheers Lenny

  6. Jenny, with the things that were going around here lately (a small flood in my kitchen, a sewing machine that won't work, delayed payments and all that fret'n'fuss) your day sounds just like something I would need: a smooth rhythm. Relaxing work. My idea of a good day, that's for sure!

  7. Dear Jenny wren-I love your balls of yarn.What a lovely day you had! I love those sort of days.My daughters just love your dolls-they are so cute-looking. I'm sure they will be saving their allowance to save up for your pretty dolls. Blessings, Rose

  8. It sounds like a lovely day, Jenny, very peaceful and satisfying.

    Congratulations to Louis. You really realise how grown up your children are when you celebrate their success with a bottle of bubbly rather than a bar of chocolate!!

  9. Reading about your day gave me such a feeling of peace. I can sit for a long time in my comfortable rocker on my porch, knitting, and looking at the beautiful trees and birds at the feeders. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of the simple pleasures of home. I enjoy your blog so much.

  10. You write so beautifully. Your day sounds so relaxing!


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