Apple blossom pretties

12 Oct 2007

apple blossom 1

I fully intended to write this post last night but I was almost asleep by 9 o'clock and safely tucked in bed by half past.


Blame daylight savings, I have been getting more and more weary as the week goes on but after nine hours sleep last night I feel almost normal this morning.

apple blossom 2

I took these pictures early yesterday. When I went into the front garden to water the potplants I noticed the two front apple trees are in bloom. Apple blossom is so beautiful, such a gentle flower, such soft shades of pink.

the first rose, hiding

The very first spring rose was also there, hiding as if embarrassed to be first.

apple blossom 3

Things went downhill from this glorious beginning, by two in the afternoon I was asleep on the couch. I wasn't the only one, Andy had succumbed as well. I awoke to the request to knit a new net for the basketball ring. Surely that is taking self reliance a bit too far. I did actually experiment with a stitch called the knot mesh stitch but decided it would take too long and I really needed to knit it in a synthetic string of some kind which I didn't have on hand. So miracle mother was defeated.

Californian poppy

I know I have some Californian readers, so a question: do Californian poppies grow as wild flowers in your state ? They certainly self seed and naturalise easily in my garden, I originally planted a packet of seeds here more than fifteen years ago and they are still going strong.

apple blossom 4

I did manage to help with the tarting up and cleaning out of the henhouse late yesterday afternoon. We are picking up the new hens this morning. Last night for dinner by coincidence we had roast chicken. All signs of the carnage have gone now though as Poppy ate the carcass. I could never eat one of my own hens if I had to kill it myself and prepare it for the table. Well I suppose I could if I had to, thankfully I don't. I once witnessed a turkey's last walk to the wood pile, then watched it taken into the farm kitchen leaving a trail of dripping blood and a few hours later sit down to eat it. I wasn't really very hungry.

golden chain tree

I've been reading with interest all the hoo ha over at Yarnstorm as the media give their opinions of Jane's book, well not really her book but her life choices and how she chooses to spend her spare time. Every criticism of her life feels like one of mine as well because we have made similar choices: to put children before career and to find joy in things domestic including needlecrafts.

I'm sure if she spent her time building cupboards or even training for a marathon the media reaction would be different and I'm amazed that these people feel they have a right to be so dismissive of past times that many woman hold so dear. I won't get started on that subject though as I have children to wake for school, lunches to prepare etc . I'll keep that for another time.

tom the oldest cat

Here is wise old Tom, waiting patiently yesterday morning for me to stop flitting around the garden and get her some breakfast and no doubt that is what she is doing again this morning. Her patience is about to be rewarded.

7 Responses to “Apple blossom pretties”

  1. Good afternoon, Jenny! Your apple blossoms are beautiful! I just harvested my fugi apples here in Kansas. I grew up in California and yes, the poppies grow wild. The hillsides become a blaze of orange and are quite lovely to look at in the spring. Gail

  2. Oh my goodness and whole brew-ha-ha I missed out on. I am off to check it out !!!! Clarice

  3. Yes, California poppies do grow wild here and you can be fined for picking them! (The ones in your own garden are an exception of course.):)

  4. Hi there Jenny, and thank you for sharing those beautiful flowers. I haven't read the discussion you've mentione -- for a moment I wanted to, but then thought better of it. I'd much rather go and clean my home and cook now, and later sit down with my knitting, cross-stitch or crochet. :)

    Hope you're having a lovely day.

  5. ... typo: the discussion you've *mentioneD* of course.


  6. If the yarnstorm blog creator wrote a successful book on domesticity, all the power to her. Why is keeping a home any less legitimate than any other human activity? No one criticized the authors of the duct tape book for devoting their time for creating silly things out of an adhesive!

    I also don't think a book like this makes women feel they "can't measure up" in how they keep their homes. No one, not even the author, could have an absolutely perfect domestic existence. That's not the point. The point is to be delighted and inspired at the beauty the author created in her book.

    Anna Maire



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