Super hero, super day

31 Oct 2007

kiwi fruit for breakfast

I awoke to the most perfect , made in heaven, spring morning.


It was the kind of morning when you truly do thank God you are alive and living in such a wonderful place. After several days of most welcome rain you can hear the garden growing in the warm clear sunshine.

new fabric

First thing I washed the fabric for my new skirt, a pretty violet linen, less pink than it appears with the sun shining through it.

jasmine and lace

All around this morning were the most wonderful fragrances. And outside the pantry window; the jasmine. Such a heady overwhelming scent. It always reminds me of inner city Melbourne; South Yarra, Prahran, North Melbourne, Carlton, Richmond. All my old haunts. Those pretty little pink buds opening to a creamy white that is even more beautiful in the twilight.

kate and the jasmine

And finally the wisteria is opening. Ours is always the last in the neighbourhood to burst into bloom.

wisteria and jasmine

And just when you thought it was safe to go out, along came....dah, da, da, dah, daaaaah....

garbage man

Garbage Man...covering the world with garbage one street at a time.


Unfortunately the kittens attacked his garbage bag costume last night and dragged it under the bed to kill it. They left some holes in embarassing places but a bit of sticky tape works wonders.

off to school

And of course a super hero/villain never, ever, irons his cape.
Only two days of school left.

11 Responses to “Super hero, super day”

  1. I can almost smell the wisteria from here. It's one of my favorites. And the fuschia is gorgeous. Poor garbage man. That will teach him to leave his suit laying around where huligans can get hold of it! (I have one of those too--I never know what I will find when I wake up, little mice, toys, all kinds of things!). Loved this!

  2. Thank you for this beautiful photos. I can smell the wisteria.I love the springtime. But here in Switzeland,its cold outside, so my fuchsia, geraniums are now in the cellar.

  3. Glad to hear the Jasmine reminds of Melbourne town! Even though Melbourne and Lonny are probably only what, 300+- kms apart as the crow flies, our wisteria and jasmine are finished for the spring already. Glad you get to enjoy them now, they would have to be the two lovliest of bushes/flowers.

  4. I love the way the children dressed up for Halloween! I live in the U.S. and its quite cold today. The sun is out so that is good news for all the trick-or-treaters! Is that your daughter smelling the wisteria? She is cute! I see from the photo's that it must be springtime where you live. Have a great day, Rose

  5. We've got nothing left in our garden except one row of radishes. We are still hanging on to beautiful sunny mild days here in Ohio. I love being able to see the pictures of your flowers and know that somewhere things are green and flowering. Your pictures will help me through the long winter days that are coming too soon.

    May you day be filled with peace.

  6. Sorry about the typo.

    May YOUR day be full of peace.

    I think I need a vacation.

  7. Fabulous photos! Our gardens in Queensland are nowhere near as lush and beautiful, due to the drought, so I love to see pics like yours :)

  8. Enjoyed your photos and family vignettes. We are in autumn now. It is hard for me to imagine that October as springtime although I know it is in other parts of the world. Thank you for helping me think a bit more globally!

  9. Absolutely lovely..tis Autumn here, but your pictures are a reminder..Spring comes to renew us all.
    The LOVELY roses..I think I smell them..


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