Happy Day

21 Oct 2007

golden chain tree

A perfectly simple sweet sunny spring Sunday today. Everyone was safely at home together, mum and dad came round for a visit, youngsters playing the whole day away in the garden and up the Blackwood tree. Visits from friends , a chat with a neighbour and her tiny baby over the back fence. Big boys studying and relaxing after a hard physical day on Saturday. So much to be grateful for; a safe home , good food, a happy family.

flowering cherry

I want to acknowledge some lovely awards I have been given over the past few days. Firstly Mary Isabella passed on the "You Make Me Smile Award" mainly I think because of our chook escapades. Thank you so much.

special poppy

Next Rose, a fellow Tasmanian blogger honoured me with "The Change Begins at Home Award" which was just lovely as we are both attempting to live our dreams.

banksia rose

And finally Tami from the lovely Joyful Noise blog has given me " The Thinking Blogger Award" which I have been given before but I am very happy to accept again.

lilac 1

I'm not really sure what I have to do with each of these so I will have to read up and then give it some thought. I do hope everyone had a restful and happy day and found some time to think about all the wonderful things we have to be grateful for. Most of us have so much while so many have very little. A safe home, enough food,the freedom to live a decent life and raise a happy family.

10 Responses to “Happy Day”

  1. Congratulations on all your awards. I know your blog make me happy and it does for other to. Enjoy your happy day. Clarice

  2. such a lovely sentiment...sometimes it's easy to forget how lucky we are, how truly blessed. thanks for all the beautiful photographs, it's nice to peek at spring when it's been cool and grey at home. :)

    and, you are most deserving of all your recent recognition :)

  3. Jenny, you certainly deserve these awards. And you are so right: the safety and comfort people often take for granted are an impossible dream for other people. We should appreciate more, smile more, and demand less.

  4. On the other side of the world the sun was shining!
    We had a lot of rain but a nice day too with warm socks,harp music and reading.
    But look what I have to say:
    Tag! You're it! I'm tagging you for an "8 Random Things"
    You can find the rules and my own answers on my blog.

  5. I love looking at your flowers when the ones here are going to sleep :D

  6. I think I'll invent a new award - 'my favourite blog' and you'll get that one from me!
    take care and enjoy your spring. it does my heart good to see your garden while mine is shrivelling up!

  7. Hip hip hurrah on your awards! Well deserved and well-done. Your blog always makes me smile and feel good.


    Anna Marie

  8. I love your blog Jenny, I am also unsure what to do when I get an award, is there a website that explains them? I felt SO honoured to get one. Your photos as usual are beautiful, a day at the Wren't Nest always looks so wonderful. Congrats on all the awards. OMG I just saw the code word I have to type in, I shall need my glasses for this one LOL

  9. love the trees and flowers. what type of tree is that with the pretty pink blooms. is it cherry blooms. that is one of my flavor tree. i would love to have on in my yard. thanks for shring your lovely pictures.

  10. Look at all of those spring beauties! I'm enjoying your sweet background music Jenny!



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