20 Oct 2007

carrot cake

We had a big trip to Hobart today to watch Andy run in the state interschool athletics carnival.We took a picnic of food and drinks, it's a long day and don't we all get peckish watching others exercising so much. I made a carrot cake yesterday to help us stave off the hunger pangs using some of our new chookies' eggs. Aren't those colours glorious?


And speaking of glorious look at these beautiful colours smack dab in the middle of the suburban shopping centre Glenorchy on the edge of Hobart's inner suburbs, a place of faded glory but it seems to be undergoing a minor cultural rejuvenation judging from the quirky shops that are popping up there. And what about that glorious clear blue sky.

Botanic gardens 4

After our day of sitting watching all those healthy young bodies pushing themselves to the limit we had a peaceful stroll and sit ( and lie down) in the Botanic Gardens conveniently located just near the athletics centre.

Botanic gardens 1

Such a beautiful place and very popular for spring weddings it would seem with two just finishing as we arrived. All the guests were done up in their finery and we sloped in with our somewhat less fine clothing.

Botanic gardens 3

We have only just arrived home and everyone is tucking into sausages in bread, that's about the best I can do after a couple of hours in the car and a day of enthusiastic barracking.

botanic gardens 2

4 Responses to “Colour”

  1. Mmmm... that looks good! Would you mind sharing your carrot cake recipe? We have our own family favorite of course, but I'm always looking for ways to improve it!

  2. Youre making me homesick Jen :) Who would have thought quirky in Glenorchy? Glad you had a nice time in the south of the State, and yes the Botantical gardens are lovely. I enjoy getting my weekly dose of them on Gardening Australia.

  3. Love those colours, Jenny.

    Is the Hobart Botanic Gardens where Peter Cundall does the vegie garden?

  4. Yes The Botanic Gardens are the home of Peter Cundall's vegie patch.


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