Caught by a bug

16 Oct 2007


I have had such an unsettled day today.I probably spent too long on the computer this morning researching some bits and pieces. All day since I have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that. Really I've achieved nothing and it's driving me nuts. I'm not having one of those nice think about things days when all kinds of lovely thoughts and schemes go through your mind. I feel like I'm suffering acute attention deficit disorder. I don't know that I have ever actually felt this way before and perhaps it means there is some kind of change coming. I had definite things I wanted to do today, that I was looking forward to doing. Instead I have been fiddling around with this and that and getting no great joy from anything.

new cosy

I admit I am very good at having days where I do nothing much but when I have one of those I generally enjoy it. I don't want to read too much into my present frame of mind because I'm certain something good will come out of it. I just have to be uncomfortable for a while.

China Anniversary

It's coming up to the third anniversary of me saying good bye to my part time job and slipping effortlessly into full time home making with a dash of doll making for added interest. Perhaps my inner self is trying to force a review and a new plan of action for the next few years. Maybe this is the shuffling off of some old part of me so I can move on.I don't mean going back to work but perhaps taking my doll making more seriously or something or nothing. You see what I mean. Or maybe I'm just being lazy but cleverly disguising it as mature onset ADD.

the peg basket

Anyway, this too shall pass. But I tell you one thing I going to make sure I don't go around wasting time in future in case this bug catches me again.


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  1. I followed a link from Copperswife. I'm so glad I did! I lived in Launceston as a teenager, and my husband was born and raised there (we met in maths class at Newstead college) and we are planning a holiday back there in March next year. We're in Darwin now. We want to go to all the opshops, antique stores and yard sales statewide we can fit into two weeks. Which opshops would you reccomend for Launie? I notice you mentioned City Mission... I can't rememeber where that is... not being an opshopper at 17. *grin* But now I'm 27 and an avid one! I hope you can help me. I went through the yellow pages and found 63 second hand shops all through the state and 94 antique stores... it would be great to slim down that list a little.

  2. Oh Jenny, one of 'those' days. It shall pass. I find that I have days like that when my plan for the day or routine gets disrupted, usually by my own doing. Spending too long on the computer, or too much time chatting at the school gate, or calling to G's office for coffee on my way home. These things seem to put me off course for the entire day. I just accept it now and try to go with the flow.

    Hope you are feeling back to 'normal' tomorrow and/or that you find something worthwhile from today.

    cheers Lenny

  3. Sometimes the best thing to do on one of those days is to have some quiet time to figure out what is "bugging you." I've found that I get some good insights doing that. Hope you get it resolved (and hope the chooks are enjoying their new home).


    Anna Marie

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  5. I hope your day goes better. Initially I thought you were sick. I hope you don't get sick.

    Did you receive my email? I just wanted to check.



  6. I am very much of the idea that fate has a large part to play, and that nothing new can happen, no moving on or change, before something has gone first. Spring always follows Winter - rebirth from destruction. Perhaps this is what you're experiencing. It happened to me just before I got married and I was twitching to do things, but not feeling in the right frame of mind to do them and it was so frustrating. Then many things happened last year and things fell into place.

    The Incas had a word for it, they called it Pachacuti meaning the great earth-shaker/ world-transformer which they believed the empire would go through before it would once again be prosperous.

    You seem to be in a good place, and realise that it is a phase and you'll grow and change once its over.

  7. I gave you the You make me smile Award come on over to Dasiy Bouquet and pick it up.LOL Mary

  8. I gave you the You make me smile Award come on over to Dasiy Bouquet and pick it up.LOL Mary

  9. Jenny, I think we all have 'those days' sometimes. For me it happens especially often when something tampers with my morning routine and I'm too busy/overwhelmed to jump back. You're right - it will pass and the next day you'll have it all under control!

  10. I'm sorry about your day, but only because you are. We all have days that don't go quite as we'd planned or hoped. It's just part of living our lives. Your day wasn't all for naught - you took some gorgeous pictures to share!

  11. I think the computer contributes to ADD but then again I am prone to work avoidance and I'll do it tomorrow.

  12. Hi Kristiana, I didn't get the email. try again , it may have been identified as SPAM. Make sure you put a subject in. Good luck.

  13. Jenny, I hope you are feeling much better today, I love your posts, every day always sound to wonderful, but we all have down days. Here in the West we are all having a down day as the Ben Cousins drama is all over the news!
    I am sure you will be fine today, and have another wonderful post for us.

  14. Jenny, I especially love your photos today. You have lovely treasures. I have days when I am in a "funk" too. I am always so glad when those times pass and I am back to my cheerful self. Blessings, Tami


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