15 Oct 2007

mum's gift

Between hanging what seems like yards and yards of sheets and tea towels on the line I have been doing all the little bits and pieces of knitting necessary to finish off some dolls that will be heading northwards tomorrow.

Around morning tea time my mum and dad arrived with two beautiful bunches of flowers that mum had gathered from the garden of a friend. The garden belongs to a man whose wife was one of my mum's dearest and oldest friends. They first knew each other when their sons, now over fifty, were starting kindergarten and remained friends all through the years. When Kate was a baby, so 10 years ago, Pam died from breast cancer. In the months before her death , when she was so ill my mum took over caring for Pam's garden. She had always been a devoted gardener and this was something my mum could do for her to help bring her peace. After Pam died mum continued caring for the garden. Pam's husband willing shares the blooms of the garden with my mum and today she shared them with me.

The pink flower is a fragrant rhododendron, Cotton Candy. It is very beautiful and such a heady fragrance. The other flowers are of course tulips.

ginger beer plant

Yesterday, among other things , I started my ginger beer plant. This evil looking brew should start fermenting in three or four days and then I'll start feeding it, for a week, then bottle it. Yum.

It has been very windy here today. Wonderful weather for getting the washing dry but very blustery for the poor woman trying to get the washing on line before it blows over the fence or she takes off and has some impromptu flying lessons.

the washing dancing 1

The washing was whipping and flapping around like some kind of high spirited dance.

the washing dancing 2

I just hope the pegs hold fast.

the washing dancing 3

11 Responses to “Bluster”

  1. Those flowers are beautiful and what a wonderful way for your mum to honour the memory of a friend.

    I love the washing on the line too, unfortunately it's been too showery here to get it dry, maybe tomorrow.

    cheers Lenny

  2. There is nothing nicier than laying in a bed with fresh line dryed sheets. You Mother sounds a very special person. Blessings Mary

  3. Lovely flowers and story to go with them, and very timely too, given that it is breast cancer awareness month.

  4. What a lovely thought, tulips and rhododendrons are both completely divine. If you're ever in Scotland you should visit Benmore botanic gardens as their collections of rhodos are breathtaking. Early to mid-May is the best time to go - stunning.

    I love the fresh smell of line-dried clothes and towels, unfortunately the weather here is damp and cool, not the best weather for drying, so things are often put on airers in the house. Such a pity!

  5. Beautiful flowers Jenny and such sweet sentiment behind them!!!

  6. My husband brews beer but we have never made gingerbeer. Please let us know what you think. Clarice

  7. Jenny~It really touched me to read the beautiful thing your mother did for her friend! What love and friendship shown.

    Lots of love,

  8. I loved those beautiful flowers - and I agree with the other commenters, it was such a wonderful thing your mother did.

    We live in an apartment building and when I hang my wash on windy days, I'm always afraid it's going to just fly away somewhere :P

  9. You really know you are starting to enjoy the simple life (I prefer to call it the good life) when you love seeing things like washing blowing in the breeze (or gusts) on the clothesline! I just love it.

  10. That tea cosy is adorable. Did you make it?

    Those flowers are lovely too.


  11. Oooh, I just love this. So comphorting. And then that lovely fresh smell of ozon when it is dry!

    In belgium autum is busy. Leaves everywhere, So strange to see those spring fotos of you.


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