Sweet spring grasses

5 Sep 2007


Yesterday at school Katie and her best friend spent their lunch hour collecting some of the luxurious new spring grasses and made this wonderful little bed. A day later and the grass has barely wilted it is so full of the new life of the season.


Kate's friend is allergic to pollen and so Kate offered to bring the mattress and pillow home to cover them with green cloth . What a sweet smelling bed. It looks good enough to eat.

I'm off to the hospital soon with my dad for his outpatient rehabilitation appointment. He has settled in well at home but isn't safe to be left alone as he can be a bit tottery. He managed to get a cold while he was in hospital and that has made him uncomfortable as well.

We have only three days left until the spring holiday break and the children really need some time off. I love the holidays and this year for the first time Stephen has time off as well so there should be lots of fun things to do as well as finishing the house painting if the weather is kind.

I'll finish with a reminder about the doll give away. I'll be drawing the winner tomorrow evening so if you haven't entered yet just click on the link at the top of the side bar and leave a comment at the give away post. I'll have a picture of the doll ready for tomorrow's draw.

Yikes, I'd better get a move on or I'll make dad late for his appointment.

8 Responses to “Sweet spring grasses”

  1. those grass beds are just the thing for a tired cloth doll. Your magnolias are magnificent. I hope your dad is well soon.

  2. This reminds me of the kinds of things I used to do when I was a girl. We made "houses" out of grass and beds too. It's nice to see that children still do it!


  3. Look at all of the fresh clover. What a wonderful bed for the dollies! Like Jody I used to play in freshly mowed hay/grass all summer when I was child...my girls like it too, when they get the opportunity!

  4. The little grass beds are so sweet! And the dollies are pretty too!
    Hope daddy has a good appointment and I am sorry about his cold.

  5. Is it really spring over there? Here the winter is beginning and we didn't even had a summer! I'm glad your blog can bring a little bit of sun in my house. Bye and good luck with your beautiful garden.

  6. Still praying for your dad! I love the doll beds. We never made grass ones, but we'd use my grandmama's cloth scraps to make stuffed mattresses for them.

  7. That is absolutely sooooo sweet!! The grass beds for the dolls are just adorable!!

  8. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for your visit. I bought it at Sunspun in Canterbury for $7.50 - I was so pleased to find them there, and that they were locally made. I would be more than happy to purchase some for you if like - or will you be here for the Steely Dan concert?

    I love the imaginative play of children - thanks for sharing your daughter's sweet bedding. Kathy


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