Sunshine, icecream and dreams

18 Sep 2007


More domesticity today; washing, washing and more washing. The boys gave their room a good tidy and found clothes that didn't pass the sniff test hidden everywhere. Spring brings perfect weather to get washing dry, plenty of sunshine but more importantly it brings plenty of drying wind.

Everyone was busy today doing their own thing; Andy went to a friend's house and to a movie, Louis had study to do, met some friends to play soccer and then went for a run, Kate has gone to stay with a friend for the night, Stephen spent the day working in the garden and I spent most of the day making dolls and hanging out washing.

Mum and dad came around this morning to deliver a bread machine. Our machine died yesterday and they don't use theirs so they donated it to us. I'm glad I didn't have to go looking for a new one and definitely glad I didn't have to pay for a new one. I found our old one really useful especially for making pizza, foccacia and bread rolls for school lunches.

I have had a couple of large ( for me) doll orders lately so all my organisational skills will be needed over the next few weeks to keep up with my normal jobs plus make lots of lovely dolls.

Three years ago, in the spring holidays I made up my mind to hand in my notice at the nursing home where I worked two days a week. I wanted to continue being a homemaker, wife and mother trying to run my home frugally and creatively and have time to follow my other heart's desire and make dolls, hopefully that people would want to buy. I felt certain we could make it work financially and didn't feel I would be missing out on anything by not being employed outside the home.

So here I sit and I'm actually living my dream, everything just keeps falling in to place. I stepped out in faith, in blind trust and it worked.

Now here I am and I am actually living my dream.

My blog is part of the dream , not that I ever dreamed of having a blog, but it allows me to document my life in all its boring normality. It allows me to see where I spend my time, where my thoughts wander. It also allows me to be part of a vital on-line community that generously shares so much of itself and inspires me to follow new ideas and shows me what others have achieved and where they have failed.


These two little dolls are winging their way to Mrs Pea's house, the cushion doll that was the prize in the 300 draw plus an extra little dancing pixie for her little boy so he doesn't feel left out.


You put your fingers down the pixie's legs and make him walk and dance.


And today this beautiful sunshine and ice cream wool arrived with my order from Winterwood, doesn't it look delicious?

13 Responses to “Sunshine, icecream and dreams”

  1. I think your dolls are just lovely!
    So simple and beautiful. As is your blog! I just began writing a blog for the very reason you expressed so well.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Your dolls are always so lovely.
    I like the color of the wool.

  3. I love reading about brave women who follow their dreams. Well done, and I love your garden pics - especially the magnolia!

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  5. Ohh many mistakes

    I Said: I love the little one. I made one when my children where younger.

    And I´m happy to see yarn here.

  6. Jenny, I don't think your life is boring. From reading your blog, it seems as though your life is beautiful, lovely, full of sunshine, love and smiles. And yes, I love that wool too!

    I'm so happy that you're living out your dream. So simple, yet so sweet. Home life is beautiful and soothing for the soul in our crazy world.

  7. Hi Jenny :) Reading the words from your heart is a joy! Your dolls are precious, and and they are lovely. Love, Q

  8. It is so wonderful you are living your dream life and the dolls are just gorgeous.

  9. A lovely, lovely post Jenny. I think it is wonderful that you are living out your dream. Your dolls are so very beautiful.

  10. Your dolls are just beautiful! Isn't it wonderful and amazing how some things always work out, like giving notice at work, and we wonder why we didn't do it sooner, although things tend to work out at precisely the right time.


  11. Funnily enough my line looked like that yesterday, my children both managed multiple changes of clothes on the weekend! I love you are living your dream and hearing about your days always inspires me. I should add that I think your dolls are beautiful too!

  12. Hi Jenny
    I love the doll in the cord dress, cord is so cosy looking! Good on you for following your dream. Hubby is slowly coming around to the possibility of me working less and spending more time at home.

  13. Thanks everyone and Anna I don't think my life is boring at all but I'm sure others wonder why I'm so happy.Tan that's lovely that things are moving in the direction that you want.


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