23 Sep 2007


Kate went off to a birthday party today with this little doll as a gift for the birthday girl. It was a disco party with lots of dancing and fun. She had a great time.

The holidays are almost over, Stephen goes back to work tomorrow and school starts on Tuesday. The holidays have been a good combination of restful and busy and no one wants them to end. I will be happy though to have some extra time to work on my dolls and start working on Christmas gifts.

Christmas Day is going to be celebrated at our home this year so that will mean some extra organising. I think there will be seventeen people so that's a nice number, not too overwhelming but it will feel like a crowd. Usually everyone contributes to lunch so the work doesn't all fall on the hosts and the hosts never have to do the washing up so that's a bonus.

Today of course is the first day of Spring, the vernal equinox. The last few nights we have had a low of 0 celsius so the danger of frosts hasn't passed yet. Local gardening lore dictates that frost sensitive plants such as tomatoes shouldn't be planted until after the Launceston Show in early October and the local paper's gardening guru is suggesting that this week is the time to start planting the vegetable garden. My aim for this week is to plant what I can, do a big clean up after the holidays, make some dolls and start working out what I need to make for Christmas gifts.

Handmade gifts are always a bit dicey I find, well received by some, tolerated by others. I find I have many more ideas for women's and children's gifts than gifts for the men , especially young men. If anyone has ideas for handmade gifts that have been well received by their male relatives I would love to hear about them.

So happy Spring/Autumn to all.


12 Responses to “Spring”

  1. Men are hard! I am thinking of making some fingerless mitts, like these, for my BIL and older 2 sons:

    There are of course other versions.. I think Knitty has a male version. I have some yarn in brown, dark green and tan - sort of camouflage colors, which I think they will like.

    Happy Spring! We are celebrating Autumn with very summery temps!

  2. For men, knitted scarves, hats, mittens and even socks are sometimes a suitable gift.

    For women and children - well, I can't imagine someone who wouldn't like to receive one of your cute dolls as a gift!

  3. Hmmm, I have the same problem. I've given nice ground coffee or beans before, coupled with homemade espresso truffles, or just today gave my dad olives and homemade crackers (I could have added homemade chutney or bread etc) - it just seems some people will never like a homemade gift as much as something from a shop. So, for me, edibles do the trick - most people will eat them and I haven't invested hours of labour only to see the signs that it was all wasted.

  4. Hi Willowcaroline, warm woollies just don't seem right for a summer Christmas but maybe I'm too set in my ways.

    Hi Anna, again, winter woollies just don't seem right for a summer Christmas but you have started me thinking.

    Mrs Pea, food is always good for men isn't it. I especially like the idea of coffee and homemade truffles.

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Our family has been doing a strictly homemade or recycled christmas now for a couple of years. It has been a huge success. I generally put my husband in charge of the boys and I take care of the girls. I have found my children have even been starting to get into the spirit of it all. My eldest son is making some garden art sculptures out of wood, and in previous years my husband has welded a wood caddy for one of my BIL's. We often recycle books ... I've framed drawings in the past of family holiday places that I have sketched as a child - and made movies on DVD with movie maker of family photos. The boys are always a bit more of a challenge. One year one of my BIL's got a promotion and my husband recently had a sea change in employment, so he wrapped up a heap of old ties and buisness shirts and success in busniess books which were well received. It is always fun seeing what ideas people come up with on Christmas day. I am lucky to have a very creative family. As for knits for Aussie christmas, my mum is a machine knitter and ofen gives us summer knit tops. Food for thought.

  6. I just consulted my hubby and he informed me that Ferarri's are handmade ;)
    He did suggest a tool roll for small handtools which can be kept in the car or used for camping. This is just along strip of a heavy fabric or canvas with pockets in it for holding small tools like screwdrivers/tent pegs etc then rolled and tied up.
    My 20yr old son suggested a tote bag to fit a laptop or Xbox etc in.
    Another suggestion is a file box decorated to an individuals personal taste ie; a car nut could have box covered in car pics for storing his car mags.

  7. I was going to suggest beanies and tote-bags or courier style bags (with a cross-shoulder strap) - my 10 and 12 yo nephews requested beanies last year in their favourite football team colours - the tool roll too is a great idea! And I think you can never go wrong with food! Fruit cakes for the adults, biscuits or sweets for the kids!

  8. I am not any good at suggesting things for men - especially handcrafted/ knitted for Summer. I am having many nerve-wracking days trynig to work out just what to get people for xmas!

    Love your dolly, she's a real sweetie.

  9. For a moment I forgot you're on the other side of the planet :) Of course, a winter set would be kind of out of place for summer.

  10. You have an ambitious week planned! Just as we're seeing the last of our garden's produce, you are preparing to plant yours! It certainly makes the world seem a much smaller place!

  11. For boys and men--anything with their favorite team colors will usually do the trick. Oh, and food and money. My father-in-law has been wearing his team colors scarf and hat for over 10 years now, homemade!



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