Hubble Bubble

16 Sep 2007


I have just woken up , at 10.10pm after falling asleep on the floor in front of the fire. I slept , uncomfortably, for two hours. We don't have carpet and the hearthside rug is not thick so I must have been very tired or very desperate to have managed to sleep at all.

I have worked really hard today, of my own choice. It hasn't been a day of rest physically but I felt restful in my head. I've spent the morning gardening, well mostly weeding. The weeds are so lush and vigorous and strong it seemed unfair to pull them out but I did.

I popped outside before breakfast to check on the passionfruit vine which seemed to have disappeared but hadn't. I started pulling weeds and two hours later I was still at it. Kate came out to find me in my bright pink pyjamas with a jumper over the top and my black clogs on tiptoeing through the chickweed. I've been told chickweed will only grow where the ground is very fertile so we can tick that box. I used to collect it to feed the chooks but this year we are still chookless so it will head for the compost or get dug into the vegie garden if I catch it before it flowers.

After breakie I dressed and headed out again for another couple of hours until morning tea in the front garden, away from the weeds. Then it was time to plant some groundcovers and herbs, shift a few volunteer plants around and replant my large pot plants. I know someone who had a gardener to do all the weeding and pruning so she could "garden", that is, plant new things. It is fun isn't it? This went on until lunch time at 2pm when miraculously I managed to make lunch and sit down and realise I was a bit tired.


After the dishes were done I remembered I needed to make some new laundry detergent before I could wash the bag of super stinky socks I discovered left over from the trip to the peninsula. What a pong. I make up the detergent in a large pot that I found at the op shop some time ago. I also use it for boiling up onion skins to dye wool for dolls hair. I use an oversize wooden spoon to stir my concoctions. A friend gave it to me as a gift but its too awkward to use for cooking but just right for a bit of hubble bubble.

Out to the wash house and while I was fiddling around with the washing machine, I saw the full horror that is my laundry room. Because it is in a separate shed outside and houses a wardrobe filled with all kinds of junk it gets a lot of visitors who don't know how to close doors ( children and others in a hurry), because we have many trees lots of vegetation gets blown in. So I did a good clean out and got enough stuff to start a new compost heap. I also bought in all the washing so that the kitchen couch has now disappeared under a cloud of freshly washed and dried sheet, towels and clothes. Folding can wait until tomorrow.

Back inside It was time to make tea. It was only then I realised that what I planned for dinner involved two pies; spinach and ricotta cheese pie using up some of the last of the silver beet and the favourite of all little people,peppermint crisp pie from Tessa Kiros' book Apples for Jam. Both had to be made as one was a promise, the dessert, and the other a necessity, I had nothing else for main course.

It is just beginning to dawn on me that perhaps my post dinner stupor was more to do with two pie
crusts rather than my day of garden toil. At least I earned my calories I guess.


10 Responses to “Hubble Bubble”

  1. Gosh what a busy Sunday, I think you'd be tired anyway without double pie!
    By coincidence, your spinach and ricotta pie is on the menu for us tomorrow evening, perhaps having read your post I'll be inspired to do some weeding first.

  2. I was just glancing through at first and thought the photo was of your lunch :)

    You had a busy day - I pulled some weeds in the vege patch too - before the ants found me and bit me :(

  3. Do you have a recipe for your "Hubble Bubble?"
    The pies sound so good and makes me think I'll use that frozen pie crust for a Sunday evening quiche supper.

    You're a busy Lady on Sunday, but I know what you mean about having a "restful mind."

  4. The chard and boarge looks so lush and healthy! Everything here is looking a bit sad for itself, we've not had a drop of rain (though it is a very on-and-off drizzle at the moment) for months - but when it did rain, everything was flooded! Typical!

    I really like gardening, it's just being able to get outside - no phone, music or anything but birdsong, and be able to talk to the chickens, weed the beds and plant some new finds. It's such a peaceful pasttime.

    Both of your recipes sound delicious, espeically the chard/ beet and ricotta - yum!

  5. Oh my goodness- just reading this post made me tired! I regret to say I am not an outdoor person- but although with the heat we have been having, it's difficult to work outdoors.
    But, your day sounds lovely, esp. the lovely dinner. Hope you got some good rest- in bed!

  6. Wow, it sure sounds as though you had a busy day!

  7. Gardening in pyjamas - that sounds familiar. It's hard to just pop out for look without getting stuck in. I've muddied up more than a few 'going out clothes' and nice shoes that way.

  8. What a lovely, busy day. No wonder you were tired by the end of it. I love hearing about your garden and the work you are doing in it.

  9. Would you mind sharing your washing liquid recipie with us?
    We just used up all our spinach too for a spinach and ricotta pie. Delicious!


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