House and Home

21 Sep 2007


I think I love to see quilts on the clothes line as much as on a bed. This is Louis' quilt and although I have been told that you should dry them with the backing on the outside so that the pieced side doesn't fade I can never bring myself to do it. The quilts look so happy in the sunshine and i love that they are visible sign of my labour, all that cutting, piecing and quilting . It's lovely to be able to stand back and admire the symmetry and colour.


My mum gave me a magazine to read, a friend gave it to her and she passed it on. There wasn't much I was interested in but I loved this photo of a picture in someone's house. My husband comes from a family of six children, three boys and three girls in roughly the same age order has this little group. It looks like such a cosy birthday tea. He says they usually just had family for their birthday teas as they made enough of a crowd on their own. He was the eldest boy so that would be him with the tie on. I have no idea where the picture comes from . It looks a like a book illustration to me. What do you think?


Speaking of Stephen he has been a blur of activity this week as he attempts to get the garden under control. The bottom of the garden was abandoned during our last dry dry summer and left to cope on its own. We are intending to let it become an orchard, we want to have groundcovers rather than grass as no one likes mowing. He is ripping all the grass out and preparing the way for planting. we'll also put in a potato patch down there.


I knitted Kate a shawl based on Rosie's shawl but could only find plastic or nasty looking wooden shawl pins imported from China to act as a closure for it. Kathy mentioned she had found one at Sunspun in Melbourne and they were happy to post two to me. I'm knitting a shawl for myself as well although I may use a pattern I found from a link on Clarice's blog for a Tasha Tudor shawl.

12 Responses to “House and Home”

  1. A wonderful picture of the children's birthday tea - very Enid Blyton-ish. I'm half way through knitting the same Tasha Tudor shawl. Rows and rows of garter stitch ...


  2. Oh! How I love this picture!

    If feels like when I was a child at home with my siblings.

    But we were 4 girls and 2 boys.

    This picture sure brings back happy memories.


  3. I loved the shawl..and linked you to my blog...i hope that's ok!

  4. I have to agree with you. There is nothing better than admiring your work displayed on the clothesline.

    The first time I made a baby blanket ,I put in out on the line and spent the afternoon looking at it from my kitchen window.


  5. I LOVE that sweet picture of
    the children enjoying a
    birthday tea party! I have
    7 children(5 girls and 2 boys)
    and that is a sight I am blessed
    to see everyday. Precious memories.

  6. What a stunning quilt - I am envious of your formidable quilting talent!

    The sky behing the quilt looks beautiful too, this evening as the sun was setting the sky went the most amazing colour, I ran out to take photos.

    The orchard sounds lovely, what kinds of apples/ fruit will you be growing? Any heritage varieties?

  7. "The quilts look so happy in the sunshine..." This made me smile, Jenny! Quilts are a lovely home-crafted hug :) I have the ones my Grandmother Pearl made and love to picture her wearing dresses in the materials and patterns she used. She backed hers with flour sacks. They are pracious! Yours is just lovely - thanks for sharing! Love, Q

  8. Beautiful quilt, I'm a very poor sewer so I always see quilts as such a labour of love.

    Love the colour of the wrap too. might make one for my girls, if I start now I should be finished by Autumn. LOL

    cheers Lenny

  9. I was inspited by Rosie's shawl too. I am knitting a wrap around one. Clarice

  10. I too want to do a Tasha Tudor shawl.. I would live like her if I could!

    I am the same way with quilts! I also like seeing shower curtains and curtains blowing in the breeze, getting all clean and sunny smelling... makes me feel the perfect housekeeper, although truth be told, by the time I wash them they are truly dusty!

    I am envious of your gardening. This fall with the surgery recovery still ongoing, I won't be out there in the garden - and the husband is swamped with work and the boys activities. Normally we would be planting garlic and greens and broccoli would be in. We are suffering from severe drought though, so it is just as well. Next spring though, look out!

  11. Anna, Thank you.

    Jayne, you'll have to send me a photo when you have finished.

    Maria, it is a lovely picture is't it.

    Hi Niki, that is fine.

    Hi Michelle, lucky you.

    Hi Tash, thanks. I designed the quilt myself and it was lots of fun. It was a beautiful sunset tonight. At the moment the orchard has plums, nectarines, apricots, a medlar and greengages. the apple trees are a little further up the garden. I do intend to get some heritage apple trees from a man who lives in the south of the island next winter.

    Hi Quinne, what a lovely memory of your grandmothers quilts.

    Hi Lenny, the shawl was super easy to make.

    Hi Clarice, I think Rosie's shawl inspired many people.

    Hi Willowcaroline,I suspect we won't have much rain this summer either. The garden always comes back very green in the early spring but by Christmas it is starting to look dry and it only gets worse.


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