Girlie Day

29 Sep 2007


Far from a totally footballish afternoon I've had a delightfully girlie afternoon despite having the AFL Grand Final commentary in the background. Yes today is the Aussie Rules Grand Final and usually the boys are here maybe with a few friends watching the game and eating junk food. This year everyone has gone to someone else's house, even Kate although she didn't leave until nearly 4pm.

start of the santa hat

So we spent some time together, just us girls. I started a little Christmas knitting project.

handknit holidays

I have chosen a gift for my brother who has everything and needs nothing. What do you give someone like that????

the santa hat

A superb hand knitted Santa hat made from a spun merino and for the trim I'll use something thick and soft, he doesn't like scratchy knits.

mermaid hair

Kate tried out a new hairstyle on her mermaid and yes she was still in her PJs.

Maggie relaxing

Maggie was taking it easy getting some beauty sleep on the cupboard...

sibling love

and her beautiful children have spent most of the afternoon cuddled up together in the computer chair.

11 Responses to “Girlie Day”

  1. What lovely pictures! The hat looks marvellous, I'm at a complete loss when it comes to what to get for my husband - when asked he comes back with "I don't know" or "I don't really want anything" - he's one of those non-wanters. Very difficult when it comes to xmas and birthdays!

    Those cats really do look content, especially the two on the chair. I wonder if cats are much closer when they have been in the womb together, like human multiples versus siblings. They do look so happy together.

  2. The camellias are beautiful! My mom had one just that color right by her front door. Your cats are spending their Saturday the same way our dog, Dixie, spends hers.;)

  3. Aww, Jenny, I just love the picture of the two kitties curled up together. Wish *my* cats did that, instead of Big Kitty hissing at Little Kitty :)

  4. The camelias are so beautiful and your cats are so sweet. Wonderful pictures. Thank you

  5. Hi Jenny, is your mumma cat a rag doll? hard to believe those two sleeping beauties are her babies?

    I'm curious about the pattern on the hat, and I noticed the squares on the rug under the cats seem to be the same pattern.....does it have a name, could you point me in the direction of instructions...


  6. What a perfectly girlie afternoon. I'm so glad you were the fancy-free lady today. Isn't it nice to have a little time to yourself?
    Your lucky brother -- a Santa Hat!
    A question: is that you, Jenny Wren, the bride in the photograph on the dresser? It's a charming picture.


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  8. Hi Jenny,

    I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the little blue boy, and I LOVE HIM!! He is so sweet. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply... busy, busy, busy. I've put a pic of him on my blog if you want to take a look. I love your little mermaid doll. I made one for my daughter Caroline a few years back. She's much more worn looking than yours. I'll try to put her on the blog. It always surprises me how someone so far away can be really so much alike.

    Take care,

  9. Hi Tash, i never expected the kittens would remain close as they grew up but they certainly have. Badger, the black and white one is positively devastated if he is indoors and his sister is outside, he won't settle till she comes in too. My sister has the other two kittens, a boy and girl and they are just as close.

    Hi Cheryl, camellias are such beautiful flowers aren't they.

    Hi Anna, as I said to Tash, I'm amazed that they get on so well, they are so loving. It must be because they are siblings.

    Hi Bettina, you are most welcome.

    Hi Belle, our cat Maggie is actually a Birman cat which I believe is a French breed but it is very similar to the rag doll cat. She was rescued from the home of an old lady who had more than 100 cats and couldn't care for them all. we have had Maggie since she was a little kitten and she is a dear thing though quite fiesty when she needs to be.
    The pattern on the hat is just the pattern caused by the casting off to shape the hat, It gives a definite ridge because the two stitches that are knit together are first reversed so the purl side is to the front. My mother knitted the cushion cover so I will have to ask her for the pattern. I think you start off with a straight row of stitches and then decrease in the middle of the row to "bend" your knitting and finally end up with a square.

    Hi Jody, yes the "beautiful" young woman in the picture is me with my husband on our wedding day 20 years ago.

    Hi Beth I'm so glad he arrived safely. I've been over to your blog and seen his happy snaps. very cute. I'm sure he will love his life with you.

  10. Looks like a very fine day!
    It's so strange to have a springy feeling every time I visit your blog. Here it is foggy and pouring rain!
    But I am not complaining, autumn and spring are my favourite seasons!

  11. Love the photos especially your wedding photo. I wore my hair ringed with daisies, just the same way when I married in 1988 - nice and simple.



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