Friday Thoughts

14 Sep 2007


While we were away the magnolia began to bloom in all its magnificence. This tree was a housewarming present from my sister 19 years ago . It has grown slowly because it has always been overshadowed by the blackwood tree but each year it has bloomed better and better.


When the boys were younger most of the blooms were lost while they were still buds as the tree took many knocks from the football. Then, Kate was fond of picking the buds to use in whatever "soup" or potion she was making at the time. Now it seems to be safe from these predators and it positively shines outside the kitchen window especially in the softness of twilight.

The whole garden seems to have leaped towards spring while we were busy with other things , the bareness and emptiness of winter is starting to be filled with new acid green leaves and sweet blossom.

The crazy borage that flowered all last winter then promptly died with the warmth of spring managed to set seed and has produced a number of baby borage plants which are now growing taller each day and are sharing their spectacular blue star flowers.


There was another surprise waiting for me when I came home, that is apart from one or two catty surprises from cats accidentally locked in when mum came to feed them. The lovely Jayne in Canada has sent me the audio book version of
Elizabeth David's book "An Omelette and a Glass of Wine". I do have the book, bought some 10 years ago and by coincidence I got it down off the shelf a couple of weeks ago to re read it. Thanks so much Jayne I'm looking forward to listening to it as I'm cooking over the next few days. I have been working on a treat for you too but you beat me to it again. Jayne and I along with Jewels and I'm sure many others share a common interest in the life and art of Tasha Tudor as well as the joys of the domestic life. I believe some of Jayne's aprons gifted to Jane Brocket will be appearing in Jane's new book.


Look at those cover pictures. Don't you just love the shape and colour of eggs. I am so looking forward to getting some new hens this spring, I've missed my girls over the winter, the garden is not the same without them.

9 Responses to “Friday Thoughts”

  1. I love the magnolias - we've managed to kill 2 or 3 magnolia trees that we planted when we first built here 7 years ago. We've given up on them now but I still love them!

  2. I am so jealous that you are having spring already. We had the worst summer in years, and I'm not ready for the dark months inside the house. And normally, autumn is my favourite season..
    Lovely eggs!

  3. I stumbled across your delightful blog today.
    I will definately be returning. You are at opposite end of seasons from me, so it will be fun to visit summer with you while snow is falling round me here!

  4. It is such a pleasure to know that when I get a wee bit tired of the rainy, dark days of autumn(which I love), I can pop on over here and see spring:-)
    The magnolias are gorgeous!

    Lots of love,

  5. I love magnolias, have never tried to grow one though. They laways make me think of Melbourne as all my neighbours had them growing in their gardens. I knew when they flowered it was the start of spring!

  6. This is a beautiful post. My Dad's house has a beautiful magnolia in the front yard. that was one of the things that first attracted my Mom to the house. I visited him on Wednesday and I noticed there was one late bloom left on the tree.

    In school each day I spend some time reading to my son. I chose one of my favorite fairy tale books from my childhood to begin with -- illustrated by Tasha Tudor.

    The illustrations are still beautiful to me. Mom would read it to me when I was little and those were the illustrations that stuck in my mind whenever I heard the tales repeated. My very favorite is of Rapunzle with the prince climbing her braid.

  7. the pictures of your magnolias made me want to step in and take a they smell?
    ~simply stork~

  8. We used to call then tulip trees! I've always loved them- and you sure have a pretty one!

  9. Hi Kez, Maybe you should have another go.

    Hi Sabine,we have had quite a mild winter so I have no idea whether our summer will be normal or not.

    Hi Deeapaulitan and welcome, I'll come and visit you too.

    Hi Sommer, and I'll come to visit for a piece of autumn.

    Hi Lisa, it definitely felt like spring when we came home to the magnolia in full flower.

    Hi Marie, I only have one Tasha Tudor illustrated children's book and that is The Secret Garden. I think it is wonderful that a book that meant so much to you as a child now means so much to your own children.

    Hi Simply Stork and welcome, My magnolia doesn't have a fragrance but I think there are varieties that do.

    Hi Regina, there are trees here called tulip trees but I think they are not in the same family. The magnolia flowers do look like tulips though don't they.


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