Food for thought and a feast for your eyes.

4 Sep 2007


I have just read the most wonderful post over at
Isabella in the 21st Century. Natalie has written a thoughtful and inspiring essay on women's work. You must pop over and read it.




3 Responses to “Food for thought and a feast for your eyes.”

  1. Oh wonderful springtime! You're having a lovely one. There's nothing like it after a cold, harsh winter.

    Happy Spring!
    Jody (who's heading into autumn)

  2. Jenny- My daughter and I had such fun looking over your spring flowers when we're heading into Autumn here.

    Love your dolls, too! I just want to hug them. You know, the little greeny one you made as a little girl was my favorite! Your talent showed even back then. Thanks for such a lovely blog. It made me smile!

  3. Hi, I've just tried to get to Natalies blog, but instead of her blog, I'm getting a page titled sun tan bed, with a load of links to tanning products! I first noticed it in my bloglines and thought there might be a gremlin in the system, but even when I click on your link, I get the same page. Do you know what's happened?
    I think this might be my first comment on your blog, I'm sorry that it's about another blog, but I do enjoy reading your posts!


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