Fabulous Technicolour

2 Sep 2007

I've just spent the last half hour playing on flickr. What a thoroughly enjoyable time waster that place is. So many beautiful pictures, so many amazing special interest groups happening.

So much colour, that's what I love the most I think. Some pictures are just explosions of colour, some are very subtle. I especially love the pictures of very ordinary things, beautiful in their simplicity. How wonderful to be able to document so much of our ordinary lives thanks to a digital camera and computer. What a perfect place to doodle away a little time on a Sunday evening.

Don't you love the strong feelings aroused by intense colour . I have a book, Tricia Guild on Colour, that is filled with so many rich, soul touching,vivid pictures. And think of all the colours of wool and fabric in your favourite store or even in your own sewing cupboard.


Of course most beautiful of all are the colours of nature all around us every day. Now as we enter spring and the northern hemisphere moves into autumn think of all the marvellous combinations thrown together by nature for us to enjoy. The subtleties of the changing light and how the angle of the sun changes the way we see things as its path slowly alters with the seasons. And it's all there for us to enjoy , for free, if we just take the time to absorb it and become a part of it.

Have fun.

8 Responses to “Fabulous Technicolour”

  1. I suspect that color is what draws us to "stash" wools or quilting fabrics. I have been to quilt shows where a woman who hand dyes fabrics in all wonderful shades of pastels to brights to muted colors, has them arranged by gradation. I have often thought I could just purchase a few of the gradated collections and use them, folded in their little fat quarters, to decorate my room. It is just so satisfying seeing them there, all lined up and neat and in deliciosly delicate shadings... sigh.

    Changing the color of my hall this summer has brought me so much more satisfaction than I thought it would for the same reason!

  2. I realy like your mermaid especially the hair, lovely seaside colours.
    I have a Kaffe Fasset book I found in a charity shop, his books are also good to flick through for some colour inspiration.

  3. I love colors, too! Just looking at my embroidery supplies gives me such satisfaction ;)

  4. I love your mermaid! Perfect colors! I love color too and I think that's why I love fabric so much and other textiles, just to look at them makes me happy.

  5. I love the mermaid doll - the colours all work perfectly together.

    I wear a lot of black (especially to work) - I use my yarn stash and fabric stash (oh, and my shoes) to enjoy colour - fabulous!

  6. The mermaid is beautiful! My daughters favourite colour is blue and although she is too old for dolls I know she would love it too. My world is full of colour as my boyfriend is an artist, so my walls are an ever changing display of his colourful art. I certainly couldn't live without colour in my world.

  7. Gorgeous crochet blanket and mermaid. I enjoy "fiddling" with colour combinations when I'm making something. Sometimes it's the unexpected ones that work.

  8. Hi Willow Caroline, I'm sure it is the colour that makes us build our stash of captive colours. The hand dyed fabric sounds beautiful.

    Hi Willow,I think all the Kaffe Fasset books have such wonderful colours, lovely to look at.

    Hi Anna, I love going into the needlework shop and sewing all those embroidery threads hanging there in a rainbow of colour.

    Hi Jackie, so glad you are back. I'll have to pop over and see the new kitchen.Thanks about the mermaid, she belongs to Kate and does have very luxurious hair.

    Hi Jane, Of course you can wear any colour shoes with black can't you. A good excuse to buy all the colours of the rainbow.

    Hi Lisa, most of the mermaids I have made have been for big girls, I mean adults. I think it is the big hair they find so attractive.

    Hi Susan, its fun isn't it, playing with colours. Also asking your children for colour ideas is interesting. My boys put colours together in a much different way to Kate and myself.


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