Doodling around

15 Sep 2007

Back into some kind of routine today though not my normal Saturday. More of a catch up day after our week away and a hang about Friday with Dad staying here for the afternoon.

I was up early, the cats get fidgety at about 6am. They have to be let out and then fed. While I was fiddling around with animals the kettle was boiling for my essential morning caffeine hit of coffee. I shut all the cats outside and took my coffee with me to the computer for a quiet read of some of my favourites, seeing what has been going on while I've been away.

Time for breakfast then put some washing on, how can there be so much when we haven't even been here? Made some bread and left to rise. Everyone slowly surfacing for breakfast except Louis who stayed at a friend's place last night.

Kate and I moved the outdoor table into the sunshine to sit for a chat and then the woodman arrived with the last load of wood for the year. We'll have a nice supply to start the winter next year, its good dry wood, well seasoned.

We left the boys to their own devices and took Poppy for a walk, such a beautiful sunny day. We went down by the creek , through the park and to the milk bar to buy the paper. Trundled back up the hill and we were feeling a bit hot especially Poppy who for once wasn't pulling on the lead.

Popped the bread in the oven and had morning tea in the sunshine, Louis arrived home looking rather tired and a bit grumpy. I hung out the washing and put another load on. I'm almost out of laundry powder, need to make some more. Did a general tidy of the house and sweep. Maggie the cat is moulting and there are little white woolly tufts everywhere. Hung out the next load of washing and put one more on. The bread is ready. Stephen is fiddling round with the car, Kate is drawing, Andy is on the computer and Louis is reading the paper.

Lunch is fresh bread with some free range ham and whatever else you fancy. Kate goes off to Ruby's house, the boys start putting the wood away and I have a little snooze, lovely. Some sewing after my nap, finally doing the finishing touches to Kate's nightdress and starting my napkins for the swap.

About 5.30 it starts to get a bit chilly so I light the fire and then start making tea. Tonight it's homemade hamburgers with the lot. Tonight will be a quiet night with the TV on as Stephen's football team is playing in one of the endless finals. I'll do some knitting and maybe read and I'm sure the children will be playing cards as the holiday card bug has still got a hold of them.

7 Responses to “Doodling around”

  1. I love reading about your day. It sounds a lot like mine. Love your nighty too. I have been sewing flannel lounging pants for the girls and I. Have a lovley day Clarice

  2. Oh, so it's not only my cats who like an early breakfast ;)

    So nice to visit your blog again. I loved all the awesome pictures

  3. Your day sounds so idyllic - I love the way you write.

  4. good morning Jenny, you did a good job on the nightie. : ) It sounds like a lovely day with kids coming and going. It's it wonderful how the ordinary gives such pleasure.

  5. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday Jenny.

  6. I have that Carl Larssen print, it's gorgeous! Must dig it out and frame it.
    Your day sounds so calm and lovely.


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