Weekend wrap up

6 Aug 2007

Well let's think back now. Umm, Friday evening, the official start to the weekend. Can't really remember actually apart from Louis having a concert to perform in and Stephen going to watch him. I stayed at home and should have been doing a little baking but knitted instead.

Saturday morning , up at sparrow's **** to wake Louis who was heading to Hobart for a soccer game. A friend was very kindly taking him on the 2 hour drive as the rest of the team had gone down the night before on the team bus to be well prepared for the game. Louis hates travelling on buses, they make him feel sick, so as the two boys had to go to the Friday concert it worked out well to avoid the bus trip. They won the game and are now in the preliminary final to play off for a place in the state final.

Stephen and Andy headed off mid morning to Andy's football game in which his team were thumped, I mean absolutely thrashed by their arch rivals.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead Kate and I were preparing for her party. Due to sickness amongst her friends the numbers had dwindled to six guests but that was fine. Kate was a good little helper and between the two of us we pulled it all together before the first guests arrived. No The first guest wasn't my mum doing her usual trick. She actually arrived on SUNDAY morning to give us a helping hand with the party. Good one mum.

The party went off without a hitch although the batteries in my camera died and I had forgotten to recharge the spares. Some of the children did seem to leave their table manners at home but at least they had hearty appetites. They were very generous with their gifts and enthusiastic with their game playing so Kate had a happy day.

Louis arrived home just as I was taking the rubbish out to the bin. The family who took him to Hobart are so nice and very kind. He had a great day. He headed inside to polish off any remaining party food, shower, do the footie tipping and then headed off to a small gathering at a friend's house to watch his team play football ( on the TV). Oh, the life of an eighteen year old. Mind you it's not always so busy, he has plenty of just hanging around time, which he enjoys.

Stephen hid from the party by going to visit a friend and his family. A gang of overexcited nine and ten year olds makes his blood run cold. He was lucky enough to be given some home made chicken and vegetable soup which was more than would have been on offer at home. Kate and I were partied out. Andy made a brave attempt to eat any left overs he could find plus half a loaf of bread. I sneaked off to bed as soon as Kate was a sleep and slept like a baby.

Sunday I awoke early, fed the cats , lit the fire and finally finished stitching up my blue mohair jacket. No buttons on it yet but when I find some I'll show you the finished product.
Stephen was the first up followed by Kate and much later the boys surfaced. Mum arrived for morning tea/breakfast/party preparations!!!!! at about 11am. Silly goose.Then we had a little trip out to the Evandale Market as Stephen needed to heat up the oil ready for an oil change and needed to go for a drive. I haven't been to the market in months and so I was looking forward to having a bit of a poke around amongst the trash and treasure. Unfortunately , although it was quite dry at home it had rained at Evandale, fifteen minutes away, and most of the stall holders had packed up. Still it was a nice drive, first time I'd been in the car for a week and I saved some one from being bitten by a wasp that was about to crawl down her collar so all was not lost.

By the time we got home we were so hungry I could have eaten my own hand off. Fresh cheese and chutney sandwiches hit the spot and Stephen headed out to change the oil. He almost created an ecological disaster by once again managing to spill oil everywhere when the oil filter dropped into the dish of drained off oil but he managed to limit the damage and covered his little mistake with some sand to absorb the used oil.

Mission accomplished Stephen and Louis headed off to play tennis, Kate fiddled with her presents , Andy had some quality time with the computer and I knitted and read and had coffee and cake and stoked the fire and made lists and remembered I hadn't defrosted the chicken for the Sunday roast so I made shepherd's pie instead and an amazing bread and butter pudding with donuts, leftover from the donut eating competition at Kate's party, instead of bread.

Everyone home for dinner and then more knitting while we watched Midsommer Murders on the TV , all except Louis who was on the couch in the kitchen, surrounded by cats, reading Harry Potter.

And that's the weekend wrap up.

6 Responses to “Weekend wrap up”

  1. Sounds like a busy but enjoyable weekend. Glad the party went well. I knitted and watched midsommer murders too.

    cheers Lenny

  2. Okay- what's footie tipping? :)
    Sounds like a lovely weekend- so glad Kate had a good party!
    It's the simple things in life, isn't it?
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi thanks for visiting my new blog. I absolutely adore yours, and must add that I have looked at your etsy store in the past and have bookmarked it for such a time that a special doll is appropriate for a gift.

  4. Hi, I sent you an email last week but not sure you got it, so I'll drop a note here instead. You've mentioned your "kitchen sofa" again and I'm so envious and interested in that. I'm doing a house remodel, making the small dining room more accessible to the kitchen and more casual, and want to make the smaller "breakfast area" in the kitchen into a comfy sitting area. Would love to see pics of yours and any thoughts about the usefulness of having a comfy spot where so much of a family's activity is centered. Thanks!

  5. I enjoyed the account of your weekend. I like weekends like that when everything sort of flows, one thing after another and then after a hectic weekend I can enjoy a quiet Monday catching up with everything by myself.

  6. Hi Lenny, Old Barnaby is getting very breathless these days isn't he?

    Hi Regina, Footie tipping is just a family competition to see who can choose the most winning teams from the weekend national football roster. It's a common past time in many offices around the country too. In our case the winner gets a chocolate frog.

    Hi Michelle, that's a funny coincidence isn't it that you had found my shop and then I found your blog.

    Hi Debbie, I've been meaning to answer your email and I will as soon as I get time.Thanks for being patient.

    Hi Willow, I always love Mondays to catch up and to have a little quiet time . When I worked part time out of the house I always tried to organise Mondays off.


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