Walk to town with me...

13 Aug 2007

it's a beautiful day. This is the smallest house in town I'm sure.

gloriously colourful fence

yesteryear urban self sufficiency

frugal renovations

old sign of the times - Abbott's soft drinks are no more

Mill workers cottages

a very cute house

flowerpot art

creative corner

the secret room

picket fence

the little street with the little houses

why is it leaning?

One last picture before I head down to the City Mission to check out the thrift store bargains.

14 Responses to “Walk to town with me...”

  1. What a beautiful little town you live in. Eclectic and delightful.
    My sister moves to Devonport in 10 days so I will now have an excuse to visit your wonderful island.

  2. That was wonderful! I enjoyed that walk.

    The "little street with little houses" is cute. I wonder if they were originally vacation homes.


  3. So glad to take a stroll through your town:-) Very cute!

  4. Thank you for a lovely visit - how nice to see where you live. I hope you found some bargains in the thrift store.

  5. OK- I had to come back and ask: why IS it leaning?


  6. I do so love little houses... around here, they are building all these monstrosities!
    Thanks for the lovely little tour!

  7. One of my favourite cities to wander around in, the old homes are just so beautiful. Hope the op shopping was fruitful for you.

    cheers Lenny

  8. Oh thank you for letting me take a walk with you ! Just wish I could have went thrifting as well .Hope you found lots of goodies.
    Blessings, Shelley

  9. Lovely photos Jenny. It looks a very peaceful place.

  10. Thanks for the lovely walk around Lonny Jenny! I used to visit Lonny in my late teens with my boyfriend who's family originally came from Invermay. All this time I thought Launcestons architecture was like Melbourne, but in your pictures it's a lot like West Hobart where my Mum grew up.

  11. Thank you for this wonderful walk.
    The houses are so nice.

  12. That is quite a tilt on the white house! This is a wonderful idea for a post.

  13. Happy, happy birthday, dearest ((little jenny wren)) :o)

  14. Hi jenny wren....I think that the photos of town are great what a lot of character...all the best


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